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Essay On Dog 250 words

The dog is a familiar four-footed animal. Its eyes are very bright and teeth sharp. It has a curved tail. Some dogs are shorthaired while others are longhaired.

The dog has a long tongue which it pushes out when tired. It has various colourş-brown, black, spotted and the like. Some dogs are fat and some thin.

There are several classes of the dog. Bull dogs, grey hounds, bloodhounds, lap dogs and the alsatian dogs are the different classes of the dog. The bloodhound has a powerful sense of smell and can trace a man by scent. The hound is used for hunting.

The dog eats many things. The wild dog lives on flesh but the tamed dog cats whatever is given to it. Generally it eats rice, bread, milk and meat. It is very fond of meat. When the dead body of an animal is thrown away several dogs eat its flesh.

The dog is a very useful animal. A puppy is very lovely to look at. Children happily play with it.

The domestic dog is a guard of our wealth from the thief. It keeps awake at night and goes round our house. Whenever it suspects a thief, it starts barking.

The dog saves its master’s life in accidents. There are dogs in the police department. They find out the criminals by following the track of the thiefs escape. The shepherd dog watches the sheep in the pasture.

It brings back the lost sheep to the flock. The Eskimo dog draws sleds over the snow.

The street dog is, however, very troublesome. It disturbs the sleepers at night. It makes the street unclean. A mad dog is very dangerous because it is the cause of rabies.

Anil Kumar Sharma, Biratnagar

Essay on dog 350 Words

The man tamed many different animals. But among the first were dogs. Together with them, it was much easier for a person to experience all the difficulties of life.

The dogs went hunting with people, defended their homes from wild animals. These animals very quickly get used to their owners. In return, they only need attention, caress and food.

The dog is the most devoted pet. She will never let her master down. Only he, too, must responsibly treat her hairy friend. Dogs are considered a friend of a man for many generations, they are always with us. It must be remembered that dogs are not indifferent to the fact that they have no owner or he gives them little attention.

Dogs are strongly attached to their owners. And they do not care about the status of man in society. They still love their people very much. A dog can brighten the life of a lonely person.

It is only necessary to walk with him, feed him, do not forget to pay attention, stroking the head. He will cheer when you need to be able to file slippers, will always wait and rejoice at the arrival of the owner.

Anyone who has such a shaggy friend can consider himself a happy person. You will have a reliable defender who can always be trusted. But you do not forget to take care of your dog, and she will become your true friend for many years.

Everyone knows that a dog is a friend of man. She is devoted to the man and can even sacrifice her life for him! Already, probably, no one remembers the moment when the dog became a pet. It seems that it was always like this.

The dog serves as a guide for blind people. She helps the police find the criminals on the trail left. And at customs – this is a great detective smuggling!

A specially trained dog will detect drugs and even weapons. The dog faithfully carries service with frontier guards, protecting the state. She guards various premises and special-purpose objects.

The dog can help in the war. She will take out the wounded and can even deliver the goods.

Ankur Pradhan

Essay on Dog 400 Words

The man restrained a wide range of creatures. Be that as it may, among the first were hounds. Together with them, it was a lot simpler for an individual to encounter every one of the troubles of life.

The mutts ran chasing with individuals, shielded their homes from wild creatures. These creatures all around rapidly become accustomed to their proprietors. Consequently, they just need consideration, touch and nourishment.

The dog is the most popular domestic pet. She will never disappoint her lord. Just he, as well, should capably treat her furry companion. Mutts are viewed as a companion of a man for some ages, they are dependably with us. It must be recalled that hounds are not apathetic regarding the way that they have no proprietor or he gives them little consideration.

Dogs are unequivocally joined to their proprietors. Furthermore, they couldn’t care less about the status of man in the public arena. Despite everything they cherish their kin without a doubt. A dog can light up the life of a forlorn individual.

It is just important to stroll with him, feed him, remember to focus, stroking the head. He will cheer when you should almost certainly record shoes, will dependably pause and celebrate at the entry of the proprietor.

Any individual who has such a shaggy companion can see himself as a cheerful individual. You will have a dependable safeguard who can generally be trusted. In any case, you remember to deal with your dog, and she will end up being your actual companion for a long time.

Everybody realizes that a dog is a companion of man. She is dedicated to the man and can even forfeit her life for him! As of now, likely, nobody recollects the minute when the dog turned into a pet. It appears that it was constantly similar to this.

The dog fills in as a guide for visually impaired individuals. She enables the police to discover the lawbreakers on the trail left. Also, at traditions – this is an extraordinary investigator pirating! An exceptionally prepared puppy will identify sedates and even weapons.

The dog reliably conveys administration with wilderness watches, securing the state. She monitors different premises and uncommon reason objects. The pooch can help in the war. She will take out the injured and can much convey the merchandise.

Most of us do like this domestic animal pet dog. I love my pet dog. What about you?

Shyam Sapkota

Essay on Dog 500 Words

A dog is a mammal and it gives birth to a baby and feeds with milk. The baby of a dog is called a puppy and its home as a kennel. There are at least 800 breeds in the world.

Dogs are classified according to their service to people such as guard dogs, grazing dogs, hunting dogs, police dogs, guide dogs, sniffer dogs, etc. Pet dogs are usually playful, friendly, loyal and listen to humans. Dogs can smell and hear better than humans.

Dogs can see better in dim light than humans due to the anatomical difference. They also have a wider field of vision. In fact dogs are smart animal, and they can learn anything if they get the proper training.

The dog is a companion animal and is considered to be man’s best friend. Dog gives a loving and honest companion to the man. They love and respects their owner very much and can go everywhere with him.

Dog usually shows affection towards the owner by moving the tail and licking the owner’s hand or face. The loneliness of people can be eliminated by providing a kind companion by the dog. Dog never allow unknown people to enter the door or touch something of its owner.

As, they saw someone doing unusual things then they begin to bark very loudly. The dog is so loyal to his master that nothing can induce him to abandon his master. His master may be a poor man or even a beggar, but even so, the dog will not leave his master at any cost.

Some people get scared very easily from dog but when they become comfortable with dogs then they automatically began to love dog. People rearing sheep also keep dog in order to care for the sheep.

They never allow any wolf or fox to approach or attack the sheep. It is a very vigilant animal and can catch strangers, thieves and criminals, even when hiding anywhere. The dog uses his sense of smell to discover the hiding thieves or criminals.

Due to its vigilant and intelligent nature, it is widely used by the police, army or other investigation department to capture murderers or criminals. The dog has many qualities such as swimming in the water, jumping from anywhere.

Dogs are very alert every time, either day or night, to offer their services to the owner. That is why it is called as a faithful animal. Dog can hear a very slow sound at night and act soon.

Even dog can guess the presence of its owner from a long distance through the nose and be alert to welcome owner at home. The lifespan of a dog is very small, but it can live between 12 and 15 years and even longer.

The lifespan of a dog varies according to its size, since smaller dogs have a longer life than larger dogs. Dachshund, breed of dog usually live for fifteen years, Chihuahuas can live for twenty years. The Great Dane has an average lifespan of six to eight years but some great Danes have lived for ten years.

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