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Essay on Elephant 300 Words

The elephant is the biggest animal on land. He has a huge body which is covered with wrinkled skin. His legs are like pillars and ears like fans. His eyes are too small for the size of the body and are blinking.

His tail is like a rópe. He has a long trunk swinging to and fro. He can pick up even a coin with his trunk. The male elephant has a pair of swordlike ivory tusks. .

The elephant eats twigs, sugarcane and fruits. He also eats grass and rice. He has a funny way of eating. He picks up the twig with his trunk, swings it and then puts in his mouth.

Then he crushes it with his inner teeth. He draws water from the pond or river with his trunk and puts in his mouth.

Every tamed elephant has a driver called Mahawat. He sits on the neck of the elephant and drives. He directs the elephant with the movement of his legs behind the elephant’s ears. The elephant obeys him. The Mahawat has a goad to control him.

The elephant is regarded sacred. Lord Ganesh has the head of the elephant. It is said that when an elephant was caught by a crocodile, Lord Vishnu came to him and saved him.

In olden days keeping an elephant was a matter of pride. He was used for processions by kings and big zamindars. He was also used in battles.

Nowadays he is used for carrying heavy logs and timbers. The tusks of the elephant are very expensive. Costly things are made of them. The circus elephant performs various tricks.

When a decorated elephant happens to come to a village, children happily see him. The tinkle produced by the bells of the elephant draws children. They follow him merrily.

Anil Kumar Sharma, Biratngar

Essay on elephant 300 words

The elephant is Earth’s largest land animal. Although the Indian elephant is slightly smaller in size than its African cousin. Elephants are amazing animals.

They love water. They love to “take a shower” watering themselves with the help of their multifunctional trunk. The trunk for an elephant is necessary.

The trunk of an elephant is a long nose with various functions. He breathes, sniffs, drinks, grab food and even makes sounds. The trunk alone contains approximately 100,000 muscles.

Indian elephants have at the end of the trunk a small process similar to a finger. Which they can use to take some small objects (the African elephant has two similar fingers).

Also, elephants have very powerful tusks. Ivory is very much appreciated in humans, so many elephants are killed for their tusks. Ivory trade is illegal now, but it’s not completely eliminated.

The third part of the elephant tusks is hidden in the body of the animal. And now there are practically no elephants with large tusks since they were all destroyed by ivory hunters.

The tusks grow during the whole life of the animal. The older the elephant – the greater the tusks. According to the approximate calculations of scientists, the elephant eats at least 16 hours a day.

Absorbing during all this time about 45 to 450 kilograms of various vegetation. Depending on weather conditions, the elephant drinks 100-300 litres of water per day.

Elephants are usually kept in herds, where all individuals are related. They know how to greet each other. Carefully take care of the offspring, and always remain faithful to the herd.

If any member of the herd dies, the other elephants are sad. Elephants are also one of those animals which can laugh. The life expectancy of elephants is usually is 70 years.

Elephants are called thick-skinned animals. Since the thickness of an elephant’s skin can reach 2.5 centimetres.

Ankur Pradhan

Essay on elephant 350 words

The elephant is the biggest land creature of the earth. Despite the fact that the Indian elephant is somewhat littler in size than its African cousin. Elephants are stunning creatures.

They cherish water. They want to “scrub down” watering themselves with the assistance of their multifunctional trunk. The storage compartment for an elephant is fundamental.  

Elephant has four legs like huge pillars, two major ears it would appear that enormous fans, a long trunk and a short tail on the back. The male elephant has two long teeth called tusks.

The storage compartment of an elephant is a long nose with different capacities. He inhales, sniffs, drinks, snatch sustenance and even makes sounds. The storage compartment alone contains around 100,000 muscles.

Indian elephants have toward the finish of the storage compartment a little procedure like a finger. Which they can use to take some little items (the African elephant has two comparative fingers).

Additionally, elephants have exceptionally ground-breaking tusks. Ivory is especially refreshing in people, such huge numbers of elephants are slaughtered for their tusks. Ivory exchange is illicit presently, yet it’s not totally dispensed with.

The third piece of the elephant tusks is covered up in the body of the creature. What’s more, presently there are for all intents and purposes no elephants with substantial tusks since they were altogether annihilated by ivory seekers. The tusks develop amid the entire existence of the creature.

The more seasoned the elephant – the more prominent the tusks. As indicated by the estimated figurings of researchers, the elephant eats no less than 16 hours per day.

Engrossing amid this time around 45 to 450 kilograms of different vegetation. Contingent upon climate conditions, the elephant drinks 100-300 liters of water for each day.

Elephants are generally kept in crowds, where all people are connected. They realize how to welcome one another. Cautiously deal with the posterity, and dependably stay dedicated to the group.

In the event that any individual from the crowd passes on, different elephants are tragic.

Elephants are likewise one of those creatures which can chuckle. The future of elephants is typically is 70 years. Elephants are called tough creatures. Since the thickness of an elephant’s skin can achieve 2.5 centimeters.

Rabi Singh, Siraha

Essay on Elephant 500 words

An elephant is a very large animal on earth. It has four legs as large pillars, two big ears look like big fans, a long trunk and a short tail in the back. The male elephant has two long white teeth, called tusk.

The food of the elephants are leaves, plants, crops, fruits, etc. They are very intelligent and obedient. The elephants are found in Africa and Asia. In general, elephants are gray and in Thailand, they are white. The average lifespan of elephants is more than 60-70 years.

Elephants live in the jungle and can also be seen in zoos and circus. The growth of the elephant is about 11 feet and the weight is 13,000 pounds. The largest elephant of all time was measured at a height of 13 feet and a weight of 24,000 pounds. A single elephant can eat 400 pounds of food daily and drink 30 liters of water.

The skin of the elephant is 1 inch thick and very sensitive. Their ears are also very sensitive. They have the ability to hear sounds from a distance of approximately 5 miles. Male elephants begin to live alone when they grow up and the female elephant lives in a group.

The elephants have a lot of intelligence, excellent hearing and good smell, but they have bad eyesight. Elephants look very attractive during young age because of their interesting features, such as their two huge ears, two long fangs, four pillars like legs and a short tail.

It is said that the tusks of an elephant grow all their lives. The trunk serves to eat, drink water, bathe, breathe, smell, load loads, etc.

The elephant is considered very intelligent and never forgets what happened in his life. They communicate very quietly with each other. Baby elephants are called calves.

Elephants also fall into the category of mammals when they give birth to a baby and feed their milk. Elephant babies need 20 to 22 months to fully develop in their womb. No other animal takes so long to develop before birth.

Female elephants give birth to only one baby every four or five years. At the time of birth, the baby is 85 cm tall and weighs 120 kg. Elephant babies need more than 1 year to learn how to handle the trunk. An elephant baby can drink 10 liters of milk daily.

They are very useful for human life and even after death. Its different parts are used to make valuable things all over the world. Bones and fangs are used to make hooks for brushes, knives, handles, combs, bracelets and other elegant things. An ordinary people cannot afford to keep the elephants at home.

They are very calm by nature and when they are teased, they can be very angry and dangerous because they can destroy everything, even kill people. They very sincerely obey their guardian until death.

The lives of elephants are in danger due to their size, the estimated ivory tusks, hunting, etc. Therefore, they must be protected to preserve their availability on Earth.

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