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Essay On My Class Teacher 250 Words

I am a student of Janata High School, Pokhara. There are thirty five teachers in this school. My class teacher is Mr. A. K. Sharma.

Mr. D. K. Sharma wears trousers and a coat. He wears a Nepali cap on his head. His shoes are black. This dress suits him well. He wears spectacles also. He is a M.Sc. He has received training in science.

He is a good natured and well mannered man. He has a smiling face. He does not look serious in the class. He speaks in a sweet clear voice. He behaves his students well. He seldom uses a cane in the class.

This does not mean that he allows his students to do as they please. He does not tolerate indiscipline…

He takes up the first period in our class. He takes our rollcall. He collecis fees and maintains our class register.

He is an able teacher. He has deep knowledge of his subject. He comes to the class with a lesson plan. He keeps his pupils engaged in class work. He applies student centered method in teaching.

He gets his pupils to achieve objectives of the lesson. He gives us home tasks. He corrects our writing. :

He is a popular teacher. All the students obey and respect him. He is equally popular with the teachers. He is a kind man. He is a patron of the poor and intelligent students.

That is why he is very popular. Last year he was rewarded by the Ministry of Education for his efficiency.

Author: – Shree Ram Autar Sinha, Duhabi

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