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Essay On My Favourite Teacher

Teachers are respectable persons. I have great regard for all the teachers who teach me.

However, I admit that all my teachers are not equally popular. The teacher who has impressed me most is Mr. Rai. He is our English teacher.

Mr. Rai is a tall middle-aged man. It is his fine physique that attracts students towards him. His simple but white clean clothes are very attractive.

Above all, his clear and sweet voice is very pleasing. He is an M.A., B. Ed. He had a brilliant academic career. His training has made him a perfect teacher.

There are certain reasons for my liking him most. He has impressed me by hiq knowledge, character and conduct. He has very deep knowledge of his subject.

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Teacher on Class

He explains even most complicated topics very easily and convincingly. His character is stainless. He is friendly with the students especially poor and deficient. His beautiful mode of teaching is praiseworthy.

He is famous for his good handwriting. He is adept in freehand drawing. He is in touch with the community and works for social welfare.

He is a gem. The country would benefit a lot if all teachers were like him.

Author: Anil Kumar Sharma, Biratnagar

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