Essay On My School Library – For Kids Class & Students Of Schools

My school has a library. It is meant for the teachers and students at my school. They read books and magazines there or borrow them home.

There are two rooms for the library. One room contains books in almirahs. The other room has several tables, chairs and benches. The teachers and students sit here and read books.

This room is called the reading room. There is silence in this room because noise disturbs the readers.

There is a teacher incharge of the library. He takes care of the library. Apart from him, there is an issuing-clerk. He issues the books. There is a catalogue which contains the list of the books in the library.

There are many books on different subjects. The books are arranged in order. New books are bought every year. Every student of my school has to pay a small fee for it annually.

The library is very useful. The books we read in classes are not enough. We need more books for wider knowledge.

The library serves this purpose. Sometimes our teachers need reference books. They take these books from the library. Again there are poor students in the school. They cannot buy books.

They take books from the library. Besides books, there are newspapers and magazines, which keep us informed with the current affairs of the world. So the library has great importance in school.

Author: Anil Kumar Sharma, Biratngar

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