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Essay on my family – 250 words

I live at Biratnagar with my small beautiful family. We are four in the family. My father is a teacher. He teaches science. He is a writer also and has written several books.

We read his stories and poem as in the national daily newspapers and monthly magazines. My mother is a housewife. She is very beautiful.

I am a student of class four. I go to school regularly. I do my lesson every day. I work hard. My teachers are pleased with me. I have a younger sister. She reads in class two. She is a good student.

We are not very wealthy but we are never in want. We get good food and good clothes. We receive every necessary thing. We are not extravagant. That is the reason why we are never in want.

There is peace in my family. We do not quarrel among ourselves. My father and mother have great affection for us. Whenever we are unwell, my mother nurses us as well. She takes great care of us.

My father teaches us at home. But he wants us to read and understand ourselves. We are very obedient to our parents. We never disobey them. We help one another in times of need.

My father is helpful to the community. He is a very social man. He visits his neighbor and helps them when they require. In return, they respect my father. My mother has a religious temperament. She is kind and generous.

We lead a happy family life. I am proud of my family.

Author: Rahul Kumar Sharma, Biratnagar

Essay on my family 350 words

I have a big and friendly family. Together with my grandparents, my mom’s parents, we live in a big house. Grandpa built this house with his own hands when he was young, he worked as a builder.

My grandmother has worked all her life at school as a teacher. She was a very good teacher. Until now, her former students often visit grandmother, congratulating her on holidays. My beloved grandmother remembers all her students by name. She is an honored teacher and I am proud of her.

My mom and dad are engineers. Most of the time they spend at the office. They love their work very much. When mom and dad return home, they bring with them a lot of gifts and chocolates for us.

My sisters and I are very happy when our parents are with us. But, unfortunately, this does not happen too often. When they leave for the office, we miss them a lot. But what can you do, we understand, this is their job.

My older sister is in the eleventh grade. Since childhood, she dreams of becoming an archaeologist. I don’t know why. But mom and dad support her in this.

Because they believe that an archaeologist is the best profession, necessary and useful. I am in the third but have not yet decided who I will become when I grow up.

I also have a little sister, she is still not studying, she goes to kindergarten. She is restless and funny, we all love her very, very much.

In our family, there is a grandmother and grandfather, parents of the father, but they live in another city. My sisters and I go to them for the summer holidays.

We live very friendly, always and in everything, we help each other. I love my big and friendly family. My parents and grandparents are an example for me, I learn a lot from them.

And when I grow up, I want to become a good person that everyone respects. And no matter what your profession is, most importantly, to be a man.

Essay on My Family for Kids 500 words

Everyone loves their family, even I do. My name is Shreya Acharya. I am a student by profession. There are four members in my family. They are my mother, father, younger brother and me.

My parents love and care equally for both of us. In addition, my family is very supportive and helpful for anything we do. Besides, every child has dreams and aim so we also have some dreams too.

In addition, not everyone is lucky enough to get their family to support them. But, I am one of those lucky people who get full support from their families. Our grandparents live with us.

Besides, many of my cousins live nearby our house and often visit our home on weekends.

My father is a highly literate person among my family members. He often helps me and my brother in everything. In addition, he is very good at counseling and motivating.

Besides, he loves spending time with us. My father is a hardworking man who has dedicated his entire life to make sure that we don’t have compromise on our comfort.

Although he never talks to us rudely we are always scared of him no matter what the reason is. But, he spends weekends with us and during the evening hours, he talks to us. He generally asks about what we have done this week and what new is happening in our life.

My mother is the next person to a father who cares for us like the way our father do or even more. She always keeps our house neat and clean. Also, she organizes everything in the house so that we don’t have to waste our time looking for things that we kept anywhere and forgot it.

When I was a kid, she used to take both of us on shopping with her to the mall and grocery store and while returning she often used to treat us with ice cream or chocolate. She always takes care of all our needs and also loves us extremely.

My mother is an excellent cook too. She makes delicious food. Also, she makes sure that we eat a lot of healthy and mouthwatering food each day. Besides the food, my younger brother also loves her bedtime stories which she narrates to him.

As I am already grown up I don’t get the perfect time to listen to her stories but my brother is still a kid. This is how time changes everything.

My younger brother is the most influential person in my life. His name is Shuvam Acharya.

He is 5 years old. Most of the siblings are always quarreling, and never do anything together but I and my younger brother are without any doubt, are not like that. He is not only my younger brother but also my peer and my love.

To sum up, our family is filled with love and laughter where everyone loves and cares for each other. Furthermore, our grandparents teach us good habits and manners and the lesson of life. Our parents provide us with all of our needs.

By Saugat Thapa

Essay on My family 500 words

My name is Hari Pandey. I live in a joint family. We are 8 members in my family including my Grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, elder sister, younger brother, uncle, aunt.

My father is a businessman. My mother is a housewife. She takes care of all members of the family. My elder sister study in grade 9 and she wants to become a doctor in the future. My younger brother study in grade 1. I go to school with my brother and sister every day.

My uncle is a teacher and my aunt is a housewife. My grandfather is a social worker and we are inspired by his works. All of the members of my family are kind, helping, loving. My father, uncle spend more time with family despite their busy schedules.

Elders love the youngers and youngers respect elders. My father entertains us by saying many religious stories at night and we enjoyed ourselves a lot. He never let us be bored. We enjoyed a lot in his company.

Sometimes, my uncle took us to visit the nearby market and bought ice-cream and sweets for us. My sister is interested in dancing, singing and reading books. She is disciplined and obedient and my relatives love my sister a lot.

We take part in various games in school and we have won many prizes. I, my sister and my brother do our work ourselves and if we need any help, we call our mother or aunt for help.

After school, we take lunch and we, three together do the homework first. We helped each other with homework and my uncle and mother help us. After homework, we go to the ground to play various games.

After playing, we go to the park with our grandfather. We go to a picnic in a nearby place once a month. We enjoyed the picnic a lot and play many games. On a long vacation, we visit the beautiful places in the country.

We got to meet new people and got to learn many new things. This gives us learning opportunities also. After dinner, all my family members gather together on the lawn and share all the activities of that day. My father teaches us to be kind and to be good people in society.

We take help from mother, uncle in school homework. We celebrate the festival by making delicious foods and visit relatives’ homes. We all celebrate the festival with fun, happiness, and cooperation.

We also celebrate the festival with each other with great respect and love. We go to an orphanage and old age home to celebrate our festival. The idea of celebrating a birthday in orphanage and old aged home is of grandfather.

We wake up early in the morning and worship God and pray to god for the wellness of family and society. My grandmother teaches us to pray not for us but for also the people of the world.

My family is ideal and I thank god that there is so much peace, happiness in my family and I pray to God that may our family live together in cooperation, happiness, and respect.

Essay on my family 600 Words

A family is an important unit of society. It has great importance in social life. It is the strongest unit of society. A society is made up of families.

A family is the first school where a child receives the basic values ​​of life. The customs and values ​​learned in the family become our leader in making our character. They lay the foundation of our thinking. I am happy to be born into a family where values ​​are printed in early childhood.

I cannot even imagine living my life by my side without my family. Family is very important and valuable to me and should never be taken for granted. Without my family, I would miss much of my life and culture.

Whether it’s my grandparents, my two sisters, my mother or my father, I know I can always count on someone to help me feel better. I think this is probably the most important thing that my family taught me.

A family is made up of people you can trust and love. Too often in today’s newspapers, we read about families in which parents verbally and physically abuse their children.

When parents abuse their children, they tell the children that this is the way to raise them and this is what their children are learning. I am lucky, I learned differently because my family cares for me and I take care of them.

In this world of doubt, insecurity, and fear, my family is always there for me, extending their arms with love. I did not want to go to school on the first day of the first year, I had butterflies in my stomach and it was hard for me to walk because I was very nervous.

The only reason I finally entered the classroom is that my mother came to see me and promised me that once I left school, she would wait for me there and take me to where I felt most comfortable.

I belong to a middle-class family. There are six members in my family. They are our parents, grandparents, me and my two younger sisters. My father is the head of the family. He has a command position. His decision is final in family matters.

Nobody dares to go against him. Everyone respects him. He is the guardian of the family. He is a cool and considerate man. His decision is never influenced by others. He is a teacher. He helps us with our studies. Our grandmother lets us hear good stories.

My mother is a simple housewife. She studies English. She is gentle and affectionate. She takes good care of us. She does not care about her comfort for us. She cares about our grandparents. She helps the poor and needy.

Our family is known for discipline and values. We value values ​​and morals in life. From early childhood, we learn to respect the elderly and love children. We have learned the lesson of punctuality and honesty from our grandfather.

Thanks to the good training of our grandparents, we were able to perform excellently in both sports and training. Since childhood, we have grown accustomed to getting up early in the morning. This has a natural impact on our health and physical condition.

Our family is like a sky. There is peace, prosperity, love, and care. The youngest have respect and respect for the elderly, while the elderly bathe them with love and affection. If a member has a problem, the whole family is by his side. I’m proud of my family.

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