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Essay On My Father (Dad) in 200 words

My father’s name is Anil Kumar Sharma. Sah. He is fifty years old, but looks young. He is five feet six inches tall. He has a robust body. He is a man of fair complexion. He has black eyes and black hair. He likes the English drons.

He is a teacher and works in a local school. He is very dutiful and punctual. He is a trained graduate and teaches in a good way. As he is very eficient and takes keen interest in his work, he is well respected by his students and admired by his authorities.

My father is the head of the family. He is the only earning member of the family. Although his income is not very great, he is satisfied. He knows how to utilize money properly. He saves some money and spends when necessity arises. He looks after the members of the family.

He sees to it that we read woll. He fulfils our necessary demands. He loves us all and in retum, we respect him My father is a popular man in the community. He is interested in social work. Last year, he set up a library in our village.

Whenever a dispute arises in the neighboring families, he tries to settle it. People come to seek advice from him. He has great sympathy for the trouble. So he commands good respect in society. I am proud of my father.

Author: – Anil Kumar Sharma, Biratnagar

Essay on my father – Essay on dad 400 words

My dad is the best in the world. He is an intelligent, strong and determined person. My dad is handsome. He is of medium height, moderately plump. Dad has black eyes and dark hair.

For convenience, he wears a short haircut. Dad always dresses neatly and in a comfortable way. He used to wear a moustache, but then he got bored and he began to shave smoothly.

My beloved dad is exactly forty years old. He has a university degree as an engineer. He now works as a leading specialist in the enterprise. Often he comes home from work late and tired. Then we try not to make noise at home, so as not to disturb the father to rest.

Dad has his hobbies. He drives a good car. He has twenty years of experience as a driver. Three years ago, he earned money and bought a jeep.

Now we are driving it with the whole family. On weekends and holidays, dad goes fishing, barbecues. He takes us and his friends with him. Dad likes to watch on TV programs about fishing, about different fishing rods and fishing methods.

My dad also cooks great. He is able and loves to “cook” very much. Dad has little time for it, but when he still gets to cooking. It turns out that you will lick your fingers.

My dad is a tender and caring father. He is my reliable shoulder, my friend and adviser. Of course, we all used to trust our secrets and cherished dreams to mom, but I address dad with some problems. Because I think that no one can solve my difficulties better than him.

We spend a lot of time together. We go to the forest to pick berries and mushrooms, enjoy fishing, in the winter we ski. And my dad swims very well. This taught me. Dad always tells me about forest secrets, about the underwater kingdom.

I learn a lot about life in nature from his mouth. I am very much proud of my dad and love and respect him. Love for what he loves me. Good thing I have such a wonderful dad!

He needs me for love and for someone to tell everything he knows. I want him to never be sick and live long. I am happy that I have him.

Essay on my Father Dad 500 Words

My father is an amazing person and a great father. I consider him my hero. He is a pillar of support for the family. My grandmother often tells us how obedient he was as a child.

He always obeyed everything his parents told him and worked constantly to achieve his academic goals. He was also good at sports. He was always willing to help his classmates. His dedication to his work and help inspires us to be better people.

His nature has not changed until today. He is valued for his hardworking nature and has helped his department achieve many milestones. His boss and other colleagues always praise him for his dedication to work. It is also considered in the duties of the home.

He helps my mother with housework. It also helps us with homework and other tasks, play with us whenever you find time, and take us to rest regularly. Apart from that, he is always willing to help our neighbors and relatives when necessary.

Another property of my father is that he believes in a holistic life. He is very attentive to his physical health by eating properly, resting and exercising properly, and teaching us the same. Because a healthy body creates a healthy mind.

My dad is my mentor, my hero and my best friend. He was there for me every step of the way, supporting me in all my decisions. He taught me a lot and continues to put his words in wisdom.

My father believes in a simple life. Although he earns well and can afford a luxury car and a large bungalow.

However, he still lives in a small apartment. His needs are minimal and he has taught us the same values. He believes in spending a good amount of his salary on social work. It is part of a non-profit organization dedicated to providing food and education to disadvantaged children.

Every Saturday he visits these children and distributes fruit and other foods among them. He also gives these students free math lessons at the charity school run by the organization. Often, he also takes us. He taught us to share and care. My sister and I print this value.

We also help bring a smile to the faces of these children. That is a real pleasure for us. No number of toys, vacations and restaurant visits can give such a happy feeling.

Like my dad, I like it to be simple. I understood that “needs can be met, but greed cannot.” I am not interested in buying new bags, clothes and accessories from time to time.

Just like him I only buy things when I really need them. I love accompanying my father to the places he visits for his charity work, and I want to join a charitable organization when he grows up.

In every step of my life, I believe that my father is the most ideal person in the world for me. I just want to be the copy of him. I feel proud on being child of a generous and intelligent person.

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