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Essay on My house (Home) 200 words

I live in my own house. It has been built by my father. It is where I was born.

My house is made of brick. There are two bedrooms, a drawing room, a kitchen and a store room in it. There is also a cowshed. The rooms are spacious. The floors are concrete. Each room has a door and four windows. All the doors have curtains.

Each bedroom has two beds, a bookshelf containing books and a stool. The walls are painted light blue. Beautiful pictures are hung on the walls. The drawing room has a round table in the centre.

There is a sofaset also. In one corner, there is a T.V. set. We watch television every day. The bedrooms and the drawing room have carpets. The kitchen has all amenities. There are almirahs where utensils are kept. There are shelves for crockery.

Behind the house, there is a kitchen garden. There are plants in it. In front of the house, there is a lawn. There are flower plants in it. We bask in the sun there in winter..

Peace reigns in my house. As it is not in a busy street, there is no din and bustle. My nice little house gives me comfort and pleasure.

Author: – Anil Kumar Sharma, Biratnagar

Essay on my home 300 words

Home is the dwelling where you live. Home is the sole place where you feel safe. Home is not just for walled building. But it is the place where you spend your life.

The home is the place where you spend most of your time. Home is where you form a family. Home is where you learn to love and share. Having your own home is a beautiful feeling.

When you write an essay about your home. You have to write where your home is located. You can write what type of colour your house is. How many rooms are there in your house.

How many bathrooms and toilets are there. Is there any garden or not. If there is, what type it is. How many people live in your home.

You can also explain how much you love your home. If you want to change anything in your home. Then what it is and why.

One of the examples of the essay is:

Hi, my name is Raju Karki. I live in my sweet home in Kalimati, Kathmandu. My house is three stories. I live on the top floor. The colour of my home is red and white.

There are 12rooms at my house. I love my house very much. There is a small garden in front of my home. I and my father have planted many beautiful flowers in the garden.

I don’t want to change anything in my home. I like my home the way it is. I live with my mother, father, brother and sister. I love them all.

The ground floor and the first floor are given for rent. But I wish I could have the whole house for my own family. I don’t like to see strangers living in my home. They won’t love my home as much as I do.

Essay on my house (home) – 600 words

My house is in Bhulbhulaiya, Nawalparasi. It’s a pretty new house. It was built only a year ago. It has two floors. My grandparents live on the ground floor.

On the ground floor we have a living room, two bedrooms and a kitchen. We live on the first floor. On the first floor we have three bedrooms and a kitchen. It also has a dining room, a study and a guest room. My sister and I are learning in the study.

The rooms are well lit and airy. All floors have marble tiles. My parents decorated my house with paintings and postures. We always keep our house clean and tidy.

There is open terrace is in the front of the garden. That makes our house more beautiful. There is a water pump in my house which we use it for fetching water for washing, drinking etc.

Our house is located on the alongside of Highway road. All rooms are airy and ventilated. My sister and I have the room decorated. It has a set of sofas, a dining table, a TV and a large carpet in the middle.

The walls are well decorated with paintings. Behind the house there is a small orchard. It gives me great pleasure to water the plants. I have grown beautiful flowers and vegetables in it.

The kitchen of my house offers all comfort. The dishes are stored on shelves. We have a gas stove in the kitchen. My house is clean and tidy. It is a best place of peace, comfort and love. I really like my house very much.

The decorative pieces remind me of our visits to different places. The study table is also used by my siblings for their tasks. The kitchen is small, but the large windows let in the air and the sun.

Wall cabinets ensure order. We are a small and happy family where even the member is considered with the needs and comfort of others. We all share the housework too. Our mornings are busy and everyone rushes to work and take the food or breakfast when they’re done.

But we all eat together. We share everything we enjoy or suffer during the day. We keep our home clean and tidy. Everything stays in its place. I am proud of my home.

There are many types of houses that differ in appearance, characteristics and many other things. No matter how different they look, they all share the same definition, the place where you feel safe, comfortable, and established.

When people look at my house from the street, they immediately see the tall trees that surround it and the tiled roof. The living room that I particularly like in my house has two large sofas and a very nice massage chair. And with an incredibly large LCD screen, watching movies and eating popcorn at night is great!

My home is very important to me. Every day when I come home from school and close the door of my house, I feel that my day was special. Without a house that you love, you can never continue your life.

Home is the place that is close to my heart, where we are born and live. It is the cutest place in the world. When we perceive the danger in another place, we find security in our home.

If there is joy, we will share it with other members of our household. Everyone loves at home. For this reason, the English poet has written: “Home, home, sweet home, there is no place like home”.

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