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Essay on MY MOTHER (Mom) – 200 words

My mother holds a very important position in our family. We depend on her for food, clothes and many other things.

She is a tall lady. She has a slim body but she is quite healthy. Her complexion is fair. She has long black hair. She is cheerful and seldom gets irritated,

She is a graduate. Before her marriage she taught in a school. She gave up teaching after her marriage thinking that her family life would tum topsy-turvy. Now my father works in an office and my mother manages the family work.

My mother has routine duties. She gets up early uttering “Sita Ram”. She starts cooking herself and tells us to study. Whenever we find difficulty, we go to her and she teaches us.

She keeps everything in the house properly. When she has free time, she does other useful work. She is very skilful in handicraft. She makes such things which are sold in the market. In this way, she helps my father in economic matter. She grows, vegetables in the land near our house.

My mother has other great qualities. She has great affection for us. My father also takes advice from her. Other women from the neighbouring families come to her for help, she is very social. We owe her our family life.

Author:- Hari Timilsina, Biratnagar

Essay on mother Mom – 350 words

There is a woman in the family who loves her child more than anything else. This is a mommy. She will help in the most difficult tasks to find the answer and solution. She is the person who does not laugh at your mistakes and stupidities.

Love your mom, because you have one. Mom is the first word that a person speaks. Mom will always be there and support in difficult times. Many do not understand that the mother is the most valuable person on earth and often offend her. This especially happens when you start to grow and strive to be free.

But if you look at all the situations from the other side, then all the anger of the mother is justified. When you come home late, without warning her in advance. You do not think that she was worried, tormented while waiting for you.

Because you are the most valuable treasure in her life. When you cried her heart was doubly torn from your experiences. And after that, how can you not say that you do not love your mother. Mom – the most loyal and devoted friend.

She will always listen and looking from her age will give good advice and it will really work. Looking back you understand that mother was always right. And you did not listen to her. Mom is the most reliable comrade, because when everything is against you.

Only she alone will stand on your side to the last, even though you are wrong. She will say this only when you are alone, and this will be the right decision. That’s what I love mom for. She cannot be replaced by anyone and nothing. Why love my mom.

Mom – the first word in the life of almost every person. How many songs are composed, praising maternal love? How many films, cartoons, pictures and plays about the relationship between mother and child!

The main thing and one of the best qualities of all mothers on the planet – the mother will always forgive. It doesn’t matter if you broke a vase or left home. Mom will always accept you the way you are and protect you from the hardships of the world.

Essay on My Mother (Mom) 500 Words

What can one say about his mother? You can talk about its positive and negative qualities. There are so many great qualities I love about my mother and admire it would be difficult and unfair to write about it. Strong, generous and optimistic are some of the great personality traits that my mother possesses.

Since I can remember, my mother was a strong person. She raised us financially, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. My mother gave it all, by that I mean she did two jobs to make sure her kids are eating right and that they have the comfort they need to grow happily and successfully.

She used to encourage me, “Complaining is a pointless way of solving problems, but being active in the subject is an excellent way to conquer it’ when I get low marks in my exam.

My mother always believed on god and believed in her religion solid views. Every day and every night, I drew the moment of prayer to myself and my brother. As a child, my mother showed the seriousness of spirituality, expressing her belief in us early on.

It was not time to joke or complain about attending. One of the lessons that most taught us was how serious faith in our spiritual beliefs can provide a substantial, stable, and structural lifestyle.

My mother’s heart is great in giving. I witnessed my mother’s records and paid the rent for the people, the license plates and the grocery shopping. Although my mother’s intentions were good, her generosity was sometimes exploited.

Once a close friend of the family went to my mother in desperate need. He asked her to lend him a lot of money by agreeing to pay monthly or weekly installments. My mother never saw the money owed to her.

Despite the incident, she encourages to donate, be it a donation or volunteer work in their community. She has taught me to always do my best to treat everyone equally, not to give up when it gets difficult.

She always tells me to be honest, because in the end lies always hurt more. She values ​​the importance of family and well-being at school. When I make decisions and she does not always agree with them, she makes sure she knows she’s behind me all the time because she wants me to always be happy. She has taught me the rightness of the wrong and the importance of self-esteem.

She is my mother, the biggest influence in my life. She is not only as my mother, but also as a friend. A moment that is really prominent in my mind, and I hope I can always remember it, is the year I made a mistake in teaching English and I wanted to leave it.

She helped me realize that I was smart enough to be in class. That’s why they made me do it and I could do what I wanted. The conversation with my mother helped me enormously.

Not only because she gave me good advice, but because she wanted to talk to me as a friend, to understand about the world and my feelings. I love my mother very much.

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