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Essay on discipline 300 words

Discipline is always needed to obtain our goal. Without discipline, we can not learn. We cannot understand. We cannot develop. Discipline is needed everywhere, in the home, in school, in sports.

The child who has not disciplined always gets the punishment. Discipline helps to remove our tiredness. It removes our weakness. It makes us strong.

Discipline at school is most important. If there is no discipline in the school, everyone will be very naughty. Everyone will keep shouting, running, speaks harmful words. The school, therefore, is kept as the most disciplined place. It helps to make our future.

Teachers can teach easily if all the students are silent in the class. Students can also learn easily about what the teacher is teaching.

Discipline means to keep quiet while the teacher is teaching. Discipline is to speak politely. It is to follow the rules and regulations of the school and class. It is to wear the uniform clean and ironed. It is to behave friendly with classmates and friends.

Small children cannot know what is good or bad. They can do what that can be useful for them and whatnot that can be harmful. Keeping children under discipline helps the children to know what is good or bad. It helps them to keep away from bad things.

Our teacher gives us punishment if we do something naughty or bad. But not all teachers punish us. Some keep us calm. Our teachers treat every student in the same way.

Our teachers also follow the rules of the school. They also wear uniforms. Our lady teachers wear saree and our hents teachers wear pants and a shirt.

They also arrive at school on time. All teachers and students gather on the ground of the school for singing our national anthem. That means teachers also need discipline. Discipline and staying in discipline is needed for both teachers and students.

Essay on Discipline 500 words

Wherever we live and whenever we go to a new place, we have to follow certain rules and regulations following those places. The act of behaving people or taking actions by those rules and regulations is discipline.

It is the sign of civilization. Discipline means doing an orderly job by the rules and regulations, being punctual and regular. The word discipline contains a lot of value in our life and its importance can be seen anywhere and everywhere.

Discipline is learned from childhood. A child’s home is the first discipline school. It is home from where we can learn different good manners if family members are disciplined.

If the members of a family are undisciplined, it is likely that their children will also be undisciplined. We have to obey the rules and regulations at every step of our life.

Whether we are at home or school or in the playground or anywhere, we have to follow some rules and regulations. If we do not obey the rules, it is said that we are undisciplined and if we obey the rules, it is said that we are disciplined and civilized.

We should follow our parents, teachers and our elders. We must listen to them to know their experiences and learn from their victories and failures. Every time we begin to look deeply at anything, it gives us a valuable lesson in life.

The seasons come and go in the right pattern, rains happen and pass and everything happens at the right time to balance our lives. Then, we must also be in discipline to maintain the life cycle on this earth.

We have many responsibilities towards our life, parents, teachers, family, environment, etc. As human beings, we have a great mind to think, decide on right or wrong and implement our plans to turn it into action. Therefore, we are highly responsible for knowing the need and importance of this discipline in our lives.

Discipline is necessary for all fields of life. People of any class or levels must be disciplined to have a happy and prosperous life. It is essential to manage an institution smoothly and successfully.

Discipline is very important in the life of a student. Without discipline, a student cannot learn anything. We must obey your teachers, we must comply with the school rules.

We must be sincere, dedicated, firm and focus on our goals. If we violate discipline, then we can suffer a lot in your future. It is more important in the playground. If a player violates the discipline, the player’s team may lose the game.

Similarly, it is in the army. If soldiers do not obey their commanders, they can lose a battle. It is equally important at home too. If family members do not obey the head of the family, the house cannot function properly.

If the leaders of the nation do not follow the rules, then the administration of the country cannot run smoothly. As, the nation cannot make any progress.

Therefore, discipline is necessary in all areas of life when walking, talking, eating, driving, studying etc. So, we must be in discipline.

By Poonam Neupane

Essay On Discipline 600 Words

Discipline is the act of keeping the body, mind and soul under control, and doing all the work correctly by following the instructions of the parents, teachers or elders of the family. It is the act of training our minds, accepting rules and regulations as a discipline.

We can see the example of true discipline in each natural resource of our daily life. Sunrise and sunset at the right time every day, moonrise and sunset at the right time, morning and afternoon arrive daily without delay, the river always runs, parents always love, teachers always teach us and much more. So why should we return to our lives if we also follow all the discipline necessary to progress smoothly?

We must follow parents, teachers, and our elders. We must listen to them to learn about their experiences and learn from their successes and failures. Each time we begin to commit ourselves more deeply to something, it gives us a valuable lesson in life.

The seasons come and go in a correct pattern, the sky is raining and stopping, etc. It is the right time to balance our lives. So, we too must be disciplined to sustain the life cycle on this earth. We have many responsibilities with our lives, our parents, teachers, family, environment, etc.

As human beings, we have great minds to think, to decide the right or wrong, and to implement our plans. So, we are very responsive to know the need and importance of this discipline in our lives.

Mismanagement causes a lot of confusion in life and makes a person irresponsible and lazy. It reduces the level of confidence and makes the mind not sure of doing anything, even when it is a simple job. However, being in discipline takes us to the supreme leader of life.

Discipline is something that keeps everyone under control. Each one of us has experienced discipline in various ways, according to their needs and their understanding of life. Without discipline, life becomes inactive and useless, because nothing goes according to plan.

If we need to properly implement our strategy for a completed project, we must first be disciplined. Discipline generally consists of two types. One is the induced discipline, in which we learn to be disciplined from others, and another is the self-discipline that comes from the mind to be disciplined. However, sometimes we need the motivation of an effective personality to improve our self-discipline.

We need discipline in many areas of our lives, so practicing discipline from childhood is good. Self-discipline means differently to other people, for example. For students It means being motivated, focusing on studying and completing assignments promptly.

For people who work, however, it means getting out of bed early in the morning, getting in shape, getting to the office on time and doing the job well. Self-discipline is urgently required of all because in modern times nobody has time to motivate others for discipline.

Without discipline, one can fail in life, one cannot have academic success or another professional success.

Self-discipline is required in all areas, such as diet, exercise regularly, etc. You can get health disorders and fats without having control of the food, so you need discipline. Parents need to develop the self-discipline to teach their children good discipline.

You must always motivate them to behave well and do everything at the right time. Each person has a different time and ability to learn the meaning of the discipline according to nature. Therefore, never give up and always try to be disciplined, since a small stepper day can become a big step.


Discipline is the training of the mind in order to make it winnow the rules and orders of a higher authority. It is a lesson that everybody can learn from the way the whole universe runs. Nature herself presents surpassing us this valuable lesson.

All the great personalities follow definite rules in moving around. The seasons come and go in definite patterns. A slight shift or indiscipline will rationalization confusion in this well- planned natural system. Similarly, willpower in our individual lives is the topmost requirement of our society.

Discipline makes everybody enable to think maturely, act maturely as well as to take every single decision of their lives responsibly. It makes us self-excelled, self- controlled and self-dependent person. It makes us responsible persons and principled individuals.

Discipline is undoubtedly one of the most required qualities required for social living and understanding. Without it, life in society becomes upturned and miserable. Without willpower, there can be no law and order. Without willpower, society becomes a devil’s paradise, where, ‘might determines what is right’ and power and riches determine who is right and who is not.

Today, a quick squint virtually us will show how our society has come into the grips of unconnectedness and confusions everywhere. Lack of willpower in our lives is a primary rationalization of all these.

Discipline is the pre-requisite for growth and development. The phenomenal Japanese growth and progress, without the second World war, when their nation was reduced to ashes, has been attributed to the strict willpower which the Japanese people possessed and utilized.

Everybody in the universe whoever he or she may need discipline including, every service: politics, industry, economy, government, etc., need discipline. Willpower is often associated with ‘men in uniform. It is the hallmark of soldiers.

Willpower in the unwashed calls for strict obedience and unobtrusive submission. It calls for duty in the squatter of wronging and valance in the squatter of odds. Without willpower no unwashed can conquer, no unwashed can win a war.

Discipline is specified as the practice of training people to obey rules or a law-making of behavior, using punishment to correct disobedience. If any institution is it, family, school, college, or workplace wants to function properly; willpower is to be maintained within it.

For example, willpower in a family way that the members of the family follow an unrepeatable pattern in what they do like getting up going to bed on time, having their meals on time, etc. which replicates a specific routine in life.

The word willpower is derived from the Latin word’ ‘disciples’ which ways to learn. Willpower is the trait by which one learns to tenancy one’s feelings, emotions, and behavior. It is the worthiness for self-control and self-direction.

Discipline in an educational institution like a school and higher ways that the students must reach there on time, greet the teachers whenever they see them, maintain the silence wherever and whenever required like in a library, or shepherd all the functions held in the school and higher, etc.

Willpower in the office or at any workplace ways that all the working staff be it the employers or the employees should reach the workplace on time and moreover maintain the pre-specified law-making of conduct.

Thus, it is understood that for the successful functioning of any of the institutions on earth, maintenance of willpower is mandatory. But the stormy truth remains; willpower is not maintained by every individual at the same level.

The presence of willpower in an individual’s life leads to phenomenal success and the undisciplined is true in the specimen of the sparsity of discipline.

Expecting to attain success without having willpower in life is like expecting a fairy Godmother to solve all your problems just by moving her wand. It is impossible!  How can you expect your office and your staff to work properly if you stuff the manager do not reach your workplace on time?

Similarly you can never have and may never expect as well that without discipline you may have success in life. Success will come lanugo to your knees if you live a disciplined life.

Whether an individual will sally disciplined or not largely depends upon his or her parents and family. If the parents educate the child the requirements and necessities of willpower at an early stage of life, the child will have no problem in facing the difficulties that life poses, but if the parents and the members of the family are themselves not in discipline, this is what the child will learn.

The child may learn willpower in the school with his or her peers, but then he or she would not be worldly-wise to maintain the wastefulness between his or her willpower and the family’s non- disciplinary manners. It is nearly untellable to strike a balance.

If you exercise every day, you are unseated to remain fit and healthy, if you maintain a proper routine to manage your work you will never have a workload, etc. Life becomes easy if you have the habit of maintaining willpower and moreover difficult in the sparsity of discipline.

In the whence maintaining willpower is admittedly tough but as time passes by, you wilt habituated to follow a disciplined life and a time comes when you cannot think of surviving without maintaining discipline.

If one becomes unable to maintain a disciplined life today, tomorrow life will teach you in a harder way. So largest learn to wilt disciplined as early as possible. A disciplined individual has the sufficiency to squatter all the challenges in his or her life easily

Discipline is reaching school on or surpassing 8.30 am when one is supposed to reach there at 8.30 am. This is an external discipline. It involves the pursuit of a direction or an order given by somebody else. One may follow it willingly or may be compelled to follow it, from fear of punishment.

When one is disciplined within oneself, it is like one is in step with the rhythm of creation; and from that subliminal oneness arises peace, prosperity and a the feeling of fulfillment.:

Without willpower one cannot live a happy life. It is the act of living life to pursuit some rules and regulations. Willpower is everything that we do in the right way at the right time. It leads us to the right path.

We all follow various types of willpower in our daily lives. There are many examples like we wake up in the early morning, drink a glass of water, go to the washroom to get fresh, do skim our teeth, take bath, and so on many things that we usually perform.

We have to follow it all the time whether we are in the school, home, office, institutions, factory, playground, battleground or other places.  It gives us lots of unconfined opportunities, the right way to go ahead, to learn new things in life, to experiences increasingly within less time, etc. and grow. Whereas, lack of willpower rationalization lots of ravages and disorders.

Discipline is the pursuit of the orders of our elders, superior officers, teachers and parents who lead us towards success. We should value the importance of willpower in our daily lives. People, who are not disciplined in their lives; squatter lots of problems and get disappointments.

Discipline is the absolute way of doing all the kinds of stuff in a well-behaved manner. It needs a tenancy over the mind and body. Willpower is the worthiness to a tenancy on the feeling and does the right thing at the right time as well as overcome the weaknesses. Life without willpower is incomplete and unsuccessful.

  Our daily lives would wilt unorganized if we do not follow the discipline. Everything in this world has willpower and organized by the discipline. Air, water, and land requite us the way to live life.

The whole world, country, society, community, etc  would wilt disorganized without willpower as everything needs discipline. Willpower is the nature which exists in everything made by the nature.

Discipline is stuff obedient and have self-controlled behaviour to follow orders of proper authority. Willpower is of unconfined importance in the whole life and needed in every walk of life.

We should unchangingly be in willpower and obey the order of our parents and teachers to be successful in our lives. Everybody should get up from the bed in the early morning. We should drink water and go to the toilet to fresh, skim our teeth, take suffuse and then take our healthy breakfast.

Nobody should ever go to school without taking food. We should do our homework in a wipe and neat way at the right time. In the classroom, we should do a prayer to God equal to the school norms. We should follow the teacher’s orders, do proper work in good handwriting and learn everything in the right manner.

We should not misbehave with the teachers, principal, maid, gatekeepers or students. We should behave well with all whether at home, school, office or other places. No one can unzip anything big in life without discipline.

Author: Shishir Acharya

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An essay on discipline – 1000 words

Discipline is defined as the practice of training people to obey rules and orders and punishing them if they don’t. It is the controlled behavior of an individual towards anything.

This can also be defined as the method of training your mind or body or of controlling your behavior. It is simply the ability to control your behavior or the way you live, work, etc.

One of the most important thing in one’s life is discipline. Without it, nobody can live a happy and prosperous life. It is an act by which one lives by following certain rules and regulations.

Discipline is something that we do in the right at the right time. Discipline always leads us to the right path. We all follow various rules and regulations in the form of discipline from the time we wake to the time we go to sleep. There are many examples that we follow discipline from the time we wake up to the time we go to sleep.

Like we wake up every morning, drink a glass of water, do some physical exercise, go to the washroom, have some breakfast, go to school in the time in well uniform.

Disciple in highly precious in the daily aspect of our life. It must follow all the time whether we are in school, home, office, etc. Discipline is a highly precious and important necessity for a happy and prosperous life.

It gives everybody lots of fantastic and golden opportunities, the correct way to step forward towards our goals, to learn various new things in life, to experience many more things within a small time, etc. But lack of discipline causes various confusions and disorders.

Indiscipline provides no progress and peace in life. Instead, an indisciplined person has lots of problems in his/her daily life.

Discipline means following the order of our elders, superior persons, teachers and parents who lead us towards the path of bright future and success.

We need to obey all the rules, obey orders and always behave in an orderly should always value the importance and greatness of discipline in daily life. Those who are not indiscipline in their daily life face different kinds of problems and disappointments in their day to day life.

Discipline is the correct way to do all the things in the right manner. Discipline means having a type of control over the body as well as over the mind. Most of the people may have the natural property of self-discipline while some of us may have to develop discipline from inside.

Discipline means to have control over our feelings and to always do the right things in the correct and the perfect time. To be in discipline, one must follow the rules by respecting the elders and the seniors.

Discipline is important in one’s life in every single step of one’s life. It is needed in everybody’s life whether the people may be an engineer, doctor, cobbler or of any other profession.

You may judge what happens when you don’t follow the instructions and rules of your parents. Following the rules of your parents will help you be in discipline and if you are not following the orders and rules of your parents then you will have to face a lot of problems in your life.

Since not following the orders of your parents leads you towards an unsuccessful life so the same applies to indiscipline and it will as well lead towards an unsuccessful and miserable life for sure.  

Discipline is defined as the practice of coaching people to obey a code of behavior, using punishment to correct disobedience. Discipline in the office or any office implies that the working employees be it the employers or the workers should reach the workplace on time and maintain the predefined code of behavior.

For that reason, it’s understood that for the effective operation of any among the institutions in the world, maintenance of subject is mandatory. However, the bitter truth remains, discipline isn’t maintained by every person at the same level. The existence of a subject in an individual’s life leads to phenomenal success and the opposite is true in the case of not having discipline.

Consider the samples of all the great men ever, Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Einstein, all were effective in their lives since they lived a lifetime of discipline.

The famed industrialists such as Mukesh Ambani, Ratan Tata, Laxmi Mittal, or superstars such as Amitabh Bachchan, Rajesh Hamal, Julia Roberts or athletes such as Sania Mirza, Abhinav Bindra, have attained outstanding success in their own lives simply because they follow a strict subject in every region of their respective lives they’re in.

Expecting to achieve success with no discipline in life like expecting a fairy Godmother to address all your problems by simply moving her wand.

How may you expect your workplace and your staff to work correctly if you being the manager who doesn’t reach your office on time? Similarly, you shouldn’t and you can’t expect success in life without the proper discipline.

Success will come down How to your knees if you live a disciplined life. Whether an individual will emerge disciplined or not largely depends upon think of surviving without maintaining discipline her or his parents and family.

A young kid thinks of surviving without maintaining the discipline it’s the family where she or he think of surviving without maintaining discipline. Life becomes easy if you’ve thought of surviving without maintaining discipline.

At think of surviving without maintaining discipline tough, think of surviving without maintaining discipline get used to following think of surviving without maintaining discipline whenever you can’t think of surviving without maintaining discipline.

So better learn how to become disciplined as soon as possible as without discipline one can never get or can never be on the path or towards the journey of success. There is no doubt in the fact that discipline surely leads you towards the golden path of success.

Author: Abhishek Jha

Essay on discipline 2500 words

Discipline is something that keeps everyone in control. This inspires the individual to move forward and make a success. According to wisdom and need, each of us experienced different disciplines in our lives. In every person, discipline is very necessary to walk the right path in life.

Life becomes completely passive and cost-free without discipline because nothing is done as planned. If we need to implement our plan to complete any project, then we need to be disciplined first. There are two types of discipline, one is what we get from outside society, and the other is what we produce within ourselves.

We need inspiration from an influential person many times, however, to improve their habits of self-discipline. In other words, Discipline is an action that regulates your body, mind, and soul by correctly following the orders of the family’s elders, teachers, and parents. This is an action that creates our mind to be disciplined and to obey all laws and orders.

In our daily lives, we can see the example of true discipline in all-natural resources. The sun and the moon are growing at the right time and setting, coming and going in the right morning and evening time, the rivers are always flowing, the parents are always loving, the teachers are always teaching and much more. Then why are we behind in our life, we should follow all the necessary discipline to face it without any problems.

On many walks of life, we need discipline, so from infancy, it is good to practice discipline. For all individuals, self-discipline has different meanings, for students, it means reading at the right time with concentration and completing the given work.

For the person to work early in the morning, however, to exercise, go to the office on time and do the proper job of the office. Everyone has a great need for self-discipline because no one has time to inspire others to discipline others in today’s modern times.

Anyone without discipline can fail in his or her life, without any discipline, no human being can ever celebrate the happiness of his or her academic life or other activities. We should listen to them and learn from their successes and failure. It teaches us important in life whenever we start to look and understand something.

The weather is coming and going on; the sky is raining and stopping, etc. That makes our life balanced is the right time. Therefore, we also need to remain in discipline to maintain the life cycle on this earth. We have a lot of responsibility for our teacher, guardian, environment, family, environment, life, etc. As human beings, we have a good mind to think, to make a right and wrong decision, and to turn our plan into a job.

We are therefore extremely responsible for understanding the importance and necessity of discipline in our lives. Because of indiscipline, there is a lot of dilemma in life, making the person irresponsible and lazy. This reduces our faith’s level of confidence and even in easy tasks keeps the person uncomfortable. While it brings us to the stairs of the highest heights of life in discipline.

Importance of discipline

In every part of our life, discipline is of great importance. We can’t thrive in this world without it. Unless there is discipline, there can be no peace or happiness in the family. All members have to obey the family head. So we have to learn discipline at home first. We have to obey our superiors ‘ orders. We don’t know what’s good for us in our childhood.

If we do what we want, we’re going to be ruined. An army cannot win a battle unless the soldiers obey the commander’s orders. Every student in his school life should practice discipline. Unless the students are disciplined, the teachers cannot properly teach in the class.

Just think of a school where, at irregular hours, the students come home when it suits their sweet will. In such a school, little education can be given and such little education will be of no use at all. Students will not be able to prepare for the exam, and the results will be poor.

A man can never shine and succeed in life without self-discipline. Discipline is of great importance in public life. Unless people know the value of discipline, a nation cannot rise. People have to follow their leaders. There can be no order if people go on according to their wishes and no useful work can be done by them.

An organization can’t succeed if people don’t obey their laws and rules. Similarly, if players don’t follow the rules in the playground, no play is possible. The leader has to learn how to govern him. He can’t rule others if he can’t rule himself. Discipline is very important in the field of battle. If among the soldiers there is no discipline, they can’t win any battle.

They do the country a great deal of harm. The country is getting weak. A disciplined army is a great source of strength for the country. It must also be remembered that when they are put in power, those who are not disciplined themselves cannot expect obedience from others. This should teach you to submit to discipline in your own life as everyone hopes to rise to power.

We need to get up early in the morning from the bed. We should drink water; go to the latrine, brush our teeth, clean and civilized take our solid and healthy breakfast afterward. At this point, we need to get our work done perfectly and perfectly. We should never deny the order of our parents and elders, slightly, and troubled.

In time and proper dressing, we should always attend our class. We should make petitions to God in the study hall according to school standards. We should pursue the requests of the instructor, do legitimate work in great hand composing, and get the hang of everything in the right way.

Attitude and area are an essential value in their lives for fulfillment. Recognize the area value for each athlete’s overall fulfillment. The sporting world is complex. If you need to recognize yourself and be on top, paintings are needed for it. You need to control yourself on things that don’t matter and you need to be aware of what’s essential.

Disciplined students can handle every difficult situation accordingly because they have calmness knowledge and importance. They can differentiate easily between right and wrong. Discipline is not just about respecting elders and parents, following their orders. Student discipline always questions every life situation.

Because of their calmness and maturity, students of discipline can easily make decisions in difficult situations. Student discipline can gain name and fame everywhere they step in society, school, and collage. They’re physically and mentally stronger. But their fate is certain if they deny and cross the line of discipline.

Many problems arise in life and they frustrate due to lack of discipline and are unable to handle the situation properly as a result of either going into depression or suicide. They always boo their heads to the one who follows the path of discipline. Students who are disciplined are free of ego and arrogance. In society and country, they always forgive and gain name and fame.

Student life is a very important part of every person’s life because in the student life we first learn a lot about different things and work thinking about understanding something develops at this stage, so discipline is also very important in student life if a student develops proper discipline in his daily routine in school life, they are very likely to carry it truly.

By adopting a proper discipline in student life, give a focused mind and focus thinking that gives a clear idea of what they need to become a successful person. Discipline in student life makes the student look good in front of everyone when someone is respected by a student and they also receive respect and everyone loves this type of student, especially teachers.

Discipline makes a student active in life because a proper schedule and proper sleeping is also part of discipline and, if they follow it, makes an active person who does not feel lazy in doing something and also in receiving something valuable.

Discipline also introduces himself and knows himself is very important in finding our weakness and strength in studying also in other live acts. Discipline increases our interest in education because a disciplined person knows the value of education and what they achieve through education; they also work with confidence in education and score a good result in each stage of education.

Today, students are faced with a high level of stress during the examination and even before starting the examination, the reason behind this discipline is not appropriate.

Way to develop and maintain discipline

Discipline can be developed using different methods, so today in the discipline essay we are discussing some basic tips on how to develop discipline in our lives. First of all, when you start a work project, always choose the small target some people make mistakes by choosing the big target when starting a project, this makes it very difficult to follow the timetable of this type of target.

And in the middle of the long goal we give up due to fear of failure so always start with the small goal this helps you to maintain discipline because when the small goal you motivate and realize is cheap you can easily do next goal. Small goal easily achievable and we focus and work harder than the large goal because we know this is a small goal in the beginning and we can achieve it easily.

Discipline can be easily developed with the help of meditation because, when we meditate, our mind and body relax because of this; we focus properly on the target without any fear of failure. The person who regularly meditates is always sealed from other people, and meditation also improves the thinking of a person who meditates on a society level that is always good compared to the other person per meditation.

Also, discipline affects buying sleeping conditions or sleeping time A person who has no fixed sleeping time and sleeps less or very high. This type of person attracts laziness and very illnesses that always stop discipline from entering life Show sleep as well as possibly not sleep very long or not sleep very short take imbalance between sleeping time.

Discipline can be controlled through. When someone achieves reward for doing something the next time they do more properly than in the previous one, so when you do some good work or keep discipline in doing something, don’t forget to give this reward No matter whether it’s small or big. Time management is very important to maintain discipline in life, always make your time worthwhile and manage it properly.

Always calculate how much time you spend I do something and what the output of spending time before going to sleep make sure that you realize all the activity we do during the day if you think you are making a mistake by spending a lot of time doing an important thing.

Discipline in exercise or attaining discipline through exercise is very important because when you exercise you always follow a schedule this help in discipline development also exercise makers fit healthy and fast that removes laziness and we know Removal of laziness is very important to discipline in our life.

Discipline affected by failure if someone takes failure. They demotivate and don’t follow the path successfully but in reality failure is part of success so forget about the failure and focus on how to achieve the goal in the next time. When we don’t eat healthy food our body becomes unhealthy and this directly affects our body and mind’s discipline capacity because a healthy body doesn’t have enough power to follow the path of discipline.

Life often presents difficulties and issues on the way to progress and achievement, and to elevate them, you need to act with steadfastness and steadfastness, and this requires self-discipline. You also have this expertise to fix and defeat nutritional problems, addictions, and smoking, drinking, and other negative habits.

For conquering dietary problems, addictions, smoking, drinking, and other negative propensities, self-discipline is fundamental. It is also a vital necessity to consider and learn, to build any ability, and to achieve personal growth, development, and meditation in otherworldly ways.

Most people recognize the meaning and benefits of self-control, but not many people find a way to create and strengthen it. Through preparation, this capacity can be strengthened and created as some other aptitude. Indeed, with extraordinary activities, you can create self-restraint, which you can rehearse whenever and wherever you are.

A wise person realizes the in disciplinary person’s behavior and gives parents valuable feedback and tips on how they can improve this type of person’s discipline. Discipline is enhanced by giving fear of suspension or suspension of indiscipline, this is followed everywhere because of this personal fear with scenes before doing any disciplinary work.

Discipline is enhanced by punishing the person who has done interdisciplinary work; this method is especially for the student of college and school. But corporal punishment in recent times, compared to the previous time, is prohibition or much less than punishing someone is not the right way to improve discipline.


Discipline describes our focus on the goal of maintaining a proper schedule for our various activities such as study, eating games, sports, etc. The schedule is part of the discipline that helps us to focus our goal very well, and the indiscipline person never gets well prepared for their goal.

Desecration in an indiscipline person is laziness when a person is not disciplined in life and activity that attracts a lot of laziness towards himself that forces him to stop him before reaching his goal, discipline is very important in every field of life and every place, which is why from college to army all places are covered by discipline teacher.

The value of discipline is very high even in the family. A family member who carries out his work with proper discipline is respected by other family members involved in the important family decision by the disciplined person.

Also other benefits in stress-free living, we know today that an unhealthy lifestyle is part of the majority of people, but we can oppose it by maintaining discipline in our activity as we are going to concert standard discipline what we eat what we do or what we don’t do, making our body healthy and healthy is always stress-free.

When we do some work, discipline increases our attention and interest because when we do things with interest and attention they increase our chance of success. Discipline also plays a very important role in sports, maintaining discipline on the ground always with respect from the audience and from the other team member even from the discipline of the opposition team can make your role model of someone a good example of this is an army soldier with always indiscipline in his life, regardless of whether they are in duty full of duty because of this culture of discipline.

Essay on discipline 3500 words

Discipline is a concept that has multiple definitions. On the one hand, it is defined as a science or an art, however, the most common is to understand the discipline as the instruction that a person has around a certain doctrine and the precise way in which it leads to practice.

Discipline is understood (from the Latin discipulus, “disciple, student”) refers to a coordinated, orderly and systematic way of doing things, according to a method or code or some consideration of the correct way of doing things.

In principle, the discipline has to do with the teaching of this method, with the work of teaching or organizing a collective, to achieve a task more quickly or efficiently. In cases where an individual exercises discipline on himself, he speaks of self-discipline.

It is thanks to the discipline that people can act determinedly until they achieve their goals and objectives. A clear example of this can be seen in the athletes, who after long periods of difficult preparation manage to obtain good results in the competitions.

The discipline, in this case, is related, not only to the daily training of the sport in question. But also to have a rigorous diet and special care of health and well-being.

As it is to intuit, the discipline, not only applies to great but is present at all times of our lives. The discipline is occupied by the parents to train their children.

However, many of them associate it directly with the punishment, forgetting that the real sense of discipline is to train and educate. Teaching the child from an early age the ideal form of behavior in the different contexts of life.

Both in the education of children and the personal achievement of objectives, the discipline is closely related to perseverance. In other words, both parents who educate and people who seek to achieve something must act in an orderly and persevering to achieve good results.

Otherwise, the discipline loses its north and the goals outlined vanish. Due to the above, it is often necessary to be more self-demanding people, putting an extra effort in strict compliance with the order. And perseverance necessary to be disciplined people and achieve great things.

Discipline as value

Discipline is valued, understood as a positive feature of the individual when it translates into the ability to follow instructions. To obey a logical and positive system of doing things, or even when an individual is capable of imposing on himself or herself a method and follow it to the letter (self-discipline).

For a disciplined worker will be one who obeys a work method of few distractions, great results, and perseverance in doing. A disciplined student is one who undertakes the study as a method to which to stick with the commitment. That is, those who perform their work in an orderly and systematic, methodical manner.

Types of discipline

There are several types of discipline, judging by the scope that propitiates them:

  1. Military discipline: That which concerns the fidelity of the armed forces, whose role is as guarantors of the system and the protection of the nation. So that they can only be disciplined and organized, without room for gambling or doubt.
  2. School discipline: That which occurs within the various educational institutions, from pre-schools to universities. And which guarantees the continuity over time of knowledge and a method of imparting them progressively.
  3. Labor discipline: That which has to do with professional performance. And that distinguishes labor issues from personal ones, making sure that the work is carried out in an orderly and efficient manner.
  4. Self-discipline: That which, in any field, applies to oneself to carry out a task in a stipulated time and an orderly manner.

Discipline in various sectors

Discipline at Home: A task for everyone

In order to have a pleasant family life and for our children to behave in an adequate manner, it is fundamental that we establish limits and rules of behavior.

For this, we must adopt an attitude of teacher and trainer of our children, and transmit them through love and discipline the parameters of the desired behavior.

You and your partner are the main educators of the children and for this, the first step is to agree on what values ​​and beliefs you want to convey. And to differentiate between what is acceptable or not for the family.

In order to achieve effective communication between parents and children, we must develop a plan that allows us to clearly structure what our expectations are and what are the limits we are going to establish.

At the beginning children tend to resist change but once they see that you as a father or mother are being consistent with what they believe and say, children quickly realize that these are the rules and adapt quickly.

The key is that as parents we have to be very clear what we believe and say, and stand firm with the consequences.

For this it is important to follow the following steps:

1.Develop a plan:

The basis of discipline with children is good communication. This is achieved through being very clear when we explain to the children our expectations of behavior at home and school, taking into account that they understood what we are saying.

For this to happen successfully, the couple and the people involved in the education of the children must sit down with paper and pencil. And write down what the rules of the house are, what they expect of the children and what are the consequences for not fulfilling them.

It is important that parents write because generally each of us has different expectations and ways of disciplining children.

2. Management of tantrums:

If your son or daughter is constantly throwing tantrums, the pediatrician must check it to rule out any medical reason for this behavior. If there is no medical explanation, we must establish what is the reason that motivates the child to have tantrums.

Once we have determined what the reason behind the tantrum is, your child mustn’t GET WHAT HE WANTS when he throws a tantrum. Give your attention, neither the juice, nor the toy, nor what is motivating him to behave like that.

The most difficult thing for parents today is having to take extreme measures during a tantrum, but it is the only solution to change this behavior. When your child is crying and throwing a tantrum, you should leave him in a safe place but you can see him and watch him from afar.

If you are in a public place, take him to the car or a corner and let him cry while you watch him. Do not be anguished by the looks of others. We have all been through the same situation.

3. Constructive punishment:

Positive discipline and limits teach children to think before making the decision to misbehave. Hence, the importance of punishments when they put limits and rules on children.

The punishment consists in taking away from the child certain privileges, not in hitting or physically or emotionally mistreating him. Parents need to understand that punishment works when it is only used from time to time, and not every day, as it loses its validity.

You also have to teach the child at least two desirable behaviors to replace the one we do not like. When the child refuses to do something, such as dressing and has to do so; The father or mother can help to dress the child with a caress, keeping calm.

We should not talk, or argue, or scold, let alone enter to discuss why you have to dress. The message that is being sent to the child, is that he has to get dressed and there are no other options.

4. Set limits and rules:

The most important task of parents is to learn to set limits, which teaches children to make the right decision knowing that there is a negative or positive consequence according to their behavior.

This teaches the child that his behavior has a consequence and that the child has the power to obtain it or not. It is necessary to remember the following points when we establish limits with our children:

  • Love: All discipline, limits, and rules must be established with love.
  • Respect: We must respect our children and show them through our behavior. Thus they learn to respect parents and themselves.
  • A Positive Behavior Model: Part of our responsibility as parents is to be a positive model of how things are done. This is how we teach children how to treat others with courtesy and respect.
  • Teaching. We must teach our children two or three positive behaviors that replace behavior we do not want them to have. It is not only about punishing unwanted behavior, but teaching them how things should be done and what we expect from them.
  • To be consistent. When rules are established in the home they must be enforced from the first day, and apply the consequence at the moment. Children appreciate and need structure, clear rules and consequences of their actions.
  • This must be done in an atmosphere of love and respect. When we act in this way, we transmit to our children safety and tranquillity. The consistency of endorsing our words with actions (removing or giving privileges) has a positive effect for our children to behave well.

Remember that education and discipline require constant learning on the part of parents and children and that all discipline must be based on love and respect so that we obtain positive results.

Discipline at school/ education

Discipline is essential for a good organization in the socialization of teachers-students and peers, making the teaching-learning process easier to develop. The discipline in the educational institution is a fundamental tool for the development of learning.

This is expressed by a normative system in which the student is governed by rules and regulations towards the teacher and classmates. Laws determined by codes of conduct through school regulations to facilitate coexistence in a setting that fosters a learning climate.

In such a way indiscipline is taken to the violation of agreed rules, the lack of discipline. The causes of the indiscipline of the students are not found only in the school, this is presented in the home and in society itself. That is, it affects the school environment.

In school, there are formally established norms. These rules are not immovable, they can be changed according to your needs. The norms are conditioned for the good functioning of the institution and the good of every one of the members of the educational community.

, For example, the conditions in the recess, the classroom, the personal security of children and adults which will provide a good scope of work and learning. Therefore the students and teachers must know the school rules written and agreed (institutional history) and can change them if necessary.

Without a doubt it allows to safeguard the order and to frame the task, facilitating the teaching-learning process, generating a climate of respect in the classroom.

Discipline During teaching

In the classroom, it is very common for children to be distracted by playing, thinking of other things and not what the teacher teaches. Doing something that is not what they should do, because, to a greater or lesser extent, education imposes. Consequently, distraction becomes a problem usually related to disorder, indiscipline irresponsibility or lack of respect for the teacher.

Many times what students do not qualify as indiscipline, irresponsibility or lack of respect, maybe it could be thought of as a lack of interest in learning content.

The teacher must know his students and the evolutionary stage in which they are to discriminate and give content to what is important. Objectively students need to be controlled, corrected, guided with the discipline to create their happiness and a good personal and social adaptation.

How to maintain discipline in class?

Educators learn good discipline strategies in the classroom by means of academic preparation and also in their own employment. Good teachers adapt basic techniques to find the best practices that work in their classrooms.

These can modify depending on the types of students, classes, and experiences. Finding the best methods of discipline can take time, but good teachers always look for new and innovative ways to connect with their students to ensure a fun and safe learning environment.

1. Decide which rules are the most important. Think about which rules will keep your class as a safe and fun learning environment. Design rules to reflect this objective. These rules will be different depending on the ages of the students and the type of class you are going to give.

2. Do not choose more than 5 rules for your classroom. This will make it easier for students to remember them. These rules will guide good behavior in a variety of circumstances so that you do not have to explain the rules for each scenario.

3. Make sure the students know the rules. Take the time on the first day of school to cover the classroom rules. Explain what each rule means. Give examples of how rules are to be followed or not followed.

4. Explain the consequences. Tell students the consequences of breaking the rules. These can occur in stages, such as a warning, then staying after school, then punishment, then visiting the principal, etc.

5. Publish the rules. Make a poster with the rules and hang it in the classroom. Positively write the rules. For example, instead of saying Do not push others, you can say Treat others with respect.

6. Ask the students to commit fully to the rules. Instruct the students to come to an agreement with you about the rules. They can sign a pledge form or even simply raise their hands. In doing so, they will promise to comply with classroom rules.

7. Use non-verbal communication. Using hand signals, body clues and other tactics can be helpful in getting students attention. For example, you could turn the lights on and off when it is time to finish an activity.

8. Praise students for acting appropriately. Turn students into positive examples by behaving appropriately by letting students know when they have followed the rules. By showing students what good behavior looks like, they will know how to model their behavior.

9. Involves parents at an early stage. If there are discipline problems at the primary level, it may be useful to contact the child’s parents. Consider doing it before the discipline problem becomes serious. Early intervention can reorient a child away from problematic behavior.

10. Give students tools to interact with each other. It reinforces positive interactions by giving students tools to handle disagreements and poor communication. Having tools for these interactions can help smooth out potential discipline problems.

11. Define behavioral expectations using the CHAMPS model. The CHAMPS model is a method to define how you expect students to behave in the classroom. This approach serves a variety of scenarios and learning objectives. Use the following points as a guide to design how students will perform an activity with good behavior and success: C: conversation. Can students talk during this activity? With whom? About what? H: help. How should students grab your attention if they need help? A: activity. What is the purpose of the activity? M: movement. Can students leave their seats for the activity? P: participation. How will the students participate? S: success. If students complete CHAMPS expectations, they should be successful with activity and good behavior.

12. Keep the routine and structure in the classroom. The students have to know what to expect in class. Students of this age appreciate above all knowing your expectations and limits. It is important to follow a routine. Keep the classroom relatively structured so that students know what comes next.

13. Change things every so often. Students of this age tend to be easily distracted. It is good to change the routine a little from time to time with spontaneous and unexpected activities. They appreciate the active learning experiences that come from nowhere.

14. Develop a relationship with your students. Your pupils are curious about you and want to hear stories about your life. Do not share everything, of course, but telling stories about yourself from time to time helps to transform you into a human being with whom students can identify. In the same way, meet your students. If they feel that you are involved in their interests, they will be more likely to respect you and behave appropriately.

15. Have a positive attitude. Try every day as a new opportunity for success in the classroom. The emotions of the students of this age can oscillate extremely and having patience and positivity will make your work more pleasant.

16. Speak in a normal tone of voice. When you speak with a normal tone of voice, students usually react by speaking also in a normal tone of voice with moderate volume. If the classroom is noisy, do not react by raising your voice. Instead, you could start by speaking in a normal tone of voice so that the students have to lower their voices to listen to you or you could wait for the students to be silent before speaking.

17. Reorganize the seats once a month. Assign new seats to your students each month. This mixes who sits next to whom and can help eliminate some behavioral problems. Place a card with a name on each desk to assign seats.

18. Keep the classroom in order. Having a classroom in order can help students act in a more orderly manner. If the classroom is messy or disorganized, students may not take you seriously.

19. Plan interesting classes One of the easiest ways to cause discipline problems is to bore students. If your classes are confusing, disorganized or not interesting enough for students, they may stop paying attention. Keep students involved and focused on giving classes that arouse their interest.

20. Circulate the classroom. Keep moving through the classroom when you teach and when students perform group or individual work. Students notice when you are involved in their progress. Give clues to students as they work on their problems.

Discipline at work

Modernly, the term discipline refers to how people behave when faced with the rules and regulations of an organization. Each person exercises self-control and behavior within the regulations of the company, intending to focus on the fulfillment of goals and the scope of objectives.

However, not all people accept the responsibilities involved in the discipline and do not accept the rules of behavior. Therefore, these people must take a disciplinary measure that allows the correction of behavior and establishes the limits of behavior with the employee, which avoids generating more equal behavior on the part of teammates.


The purpose is not only the application of disciplinary sanctions to those that violate but through rewards for those who abide by them. Thus stimulating performance and avoiding negative reactions.

The disciplinary actions

There are two types of disciplinary actions:

  • Preventive actions: actions to promote respect for company policies
  • The corrective: they are subsequent to the infraction and seek to discourage any type of violation of the disciplinary regime in the future.

How to maintain discipline at work?

Behavior problems in the workplace require supervisors to take steps to ensure that problems are controlled and remedied. The value of discipline in an organization cannot be underestimated, since employee morale, productivity and even company profitability can be affected.

A positive approach can solve a problem before it gets worse. However, the discipline must be used carefully following the policies of the company while respecting the rights of workers.

1.Bad behavior:

Discipline can be a necessary response to an employee’s misconduct. This is defined by the Business Dictionary as “illegal or inappropriate behavior such as the negligence of a liability”. This may include insubordination, an unexcused absence, persistent tardiness, verbal abuse, dishonesty, theft, or failure to follow departmental rules or policies.

2. Investigation:

The first step a manager must take is to approach the employee to explain their actions. Next, the employee and third-party sources must gather evidence to determine how the employee is involved in the documented misconduct.

If possible, the investigation must be conducted before taking disciplinary action and with another manager present. Also, the employee must be clear about the violation cited, with the dates and times noted. The manager should not refrain from sharing the evidence uncovered with the accused employee.

3. Determination:

Once the investigation of the misconduct has been completed, management must decide what action to take. It is at this point that management must be careful not to be vengeful or possibly violate the rights of employees and invite litigation.

Actions that shouldn’t be taken include changing the employee’s work hours, assigning an unpleasant task, or canceling a planned vacation. The actions taken should not embarrass or humiliate the employee, but they must repair the situation.

4. Discipline:

Management must work with the human resources department to create a discipline plan. If the company is a union store, a representative may be required to carry out the disciplinary action.

The human resources department can determine the appropriate discipline for misconduct and can recommend a reprimand, suspension or dismissal. Working with this department assures you that all legal aspects of the discipline are covered and that the punishment is appropriate for the offense.

5. Considerations:

The employee may have permission to apologize in public with offended employees and may have to take anger management classes to handle inappropriate behavior.

However, alternative measures may not work if the offense was severe and the employee must be suspended. The “character and personality” of the employee should always be taken into account when deciding how to handle incidences of misconduct.

It is very important to realize that in our hands we have a very great wealth that is young people. That we work with people, not with inanimate beings and that it depends to a great extent on what they achieve to be educated.

It is likely that some of them will also be engaged in teaching and education in the future and will serve our skills and knowledge transmitted to him to become a great professional.

Author: Ankur Pradhan

Essay on Discipline 3500 words

Discipline is the state of being respectful and controlling behavior to follow the order of any authority, following rules and regulations, laws and other policies. It has great importance in practical life and it is included in every faculty of life and will be.

We need discipline in every step of our life. It is necessary for everyone who needs to work or task on any project or venture seriously. If we do not follow the orders, rules, policies of superiors to us, for sure we will be the victim of failure. We should always be in discipline following words of parents, teacher and other elders.

We need to get up from the bed in the early morning. We should drink water and go to the latrine, brush our teeth, clean up and after that take our solid and healthy breakfast in a civilized way. We need to get our work done perfectly and flawlessly at a given time. We should never deny, slight, and troubled our parents and elders order.

We should always attend our class in time and proper dressing. In the study hall, we should do a petition to God as per the school standards. We should pursue the instructor’s requests, do legitimate work in great hand composing and get the hang of everything in the right way.

In other words, Discipline is the demonstration of keeping our body, brain and soul leveled out and does every one of the works in the right way by following the rules of the guardians, educators or older elders of the family.

We should never get angry with the instructors, teachers, housekeepers, guards or understudies. We should always carry positive thoughts in all places whether at home, school, office or different spots. Nobody can accomplish anything enormous in existence without control and discipline. Therefore, we as a whole should follow, obey our elders and teachers to be a fruitful individual in life.

Students are the future builders or resources in this present world. The reality to have a fruitful existence you should learn about discipline. It causes the students to remain inspired. By remaining motivated, students accomplish all the unthinkable things and run towards their objective.

Great control is basic for the students to finish all their task works. They can be better students and rationally and physically fit too. In different words, Discipline is an indication of development it’s tied in with having the capacity to set needs and finish without a grown-up or parent pestering you.

By remaining trained we can urge different students to be taught too. You have to demonstrate a positive effect on your life to different students. It shows signs of improvement reviews in the scholastics; it alleviates worry in your life. You generally get time for your examinations, loved ones.

It picks up viewpoints, regard in life. You can focus more on the things which will give you great outcomes in the present moment just as in long terms. You can be centered on the subject and go top to bottom of it which will make numerous alternatives open for your advanced education. The contrast between a genuine and non-genuine individual is just order. You can work in less time and addition so much learning just in a brief timeframe.

You have seen it the friend that dependably goes out with the bad men, the individual who always eats a parcel of rolls or biscuits while watching a film, the individual who is constantly incredible at making a relationship with individuals.

These are altogether trains, it just depends on what result you want. It’s one less ability we need to create. Our secure survivals rely upon nature. Nature carefully pursues the law of nature. Nature is an exceptional example of discipline.

The day begins with dawn and sets likewise to welcome night with moon and stars over the sky. Nature is the best case of genuine order to us all. The ideal nature’s law controls the earth, the sun, the moon, and different planets. Disharmony among the set principles will be appalling to us all.

Discipline in sports that gives you the energy to stick on your decision after which follow it through. You can persevere discipline with your action, behavior, and mind. All these can lead to success and development and could can help you obtain your goal in sports. 

It gives you the internal strength and static power to overcome laziness and procrastination and be diligent in attending to where you need to reach. Discipline is a difficult skill to be developed in sports activities. It is an important aspect of fulfillment, whether in sports or your profession. It is the capability to hold and not to give up.

Just like strength of will, self-discipline will provide you the potential to resist distractions and temptations that tend to hinder in attaining your dreams. Every gymnast needs to own the character of being self-disciplined to live in shape. Attitude and area are an essential value for fulfillment in their lives.

Truly recognize the value of the area for the overall fulfillment of every athlete. The world of sports activities is complex. If you need to be recognized and be on top, you need to paintings for it. You need to control yourself on matters that don’t matter and consciousness on what’s essential. This is why you want to have the strength of mind.

The position of area for your success in sports, courting, career or existence in widespread is massive. Therefore, you must broaden it, nurture it and apply it in your daily existence. So discipline is very important in the field of sport.

Life frequently presents difficulties and issues on the way to progress and accomplishment, and to uplift them, you need to act with constancy and steadiness, and this requires self-discipline. You additionally this expertise to fix and defeat dietary issues, addictions, and smoking, drinking, and other negative habits.

Self-discipline is fundamental for conquering dietary problems, addictions, smoking, drinking, and other negative propensities. It is likewise a vital necessity for considering and learning, for building up any ability, and for accomplishment in personal growth, otherworldly development, and meditation.

Most individuals recognize the significance and advantages of self-control, however not many find a way to create and reinforce it. This capacity can be fortified and created like some other aptitude, through preparing. Indeed, you can create self-restraint with extraordinary activities, which you can rehearse whenever and place.

Essentiality of Hard work and self-discipline in our Life is very vital. From childhood to now we are taught to be civilized individuals. Either scoring high marks in board exams or preparing for competitive exams, either to challenge the problems of life or to alleviate those problems, everywhere discipline has its importance; mostly in practical life.

Thus it is of no surprise that discipline is considered equally important in practical life. Without discipline, life becomes passive and useless as nothing falls according to our arrangement. If we need to apply our strategy in the right way about any work to be completed, we need to be in discipline first.

Usually, discipline is of two types internal and external. External discipline is behavior that we show outside and internal discipline makes our mind and soul calm. Internal discipline is also called as self-discipline. But typically, we want some motivation from somebody effective personality to boost our self-discipline habit.

We need discipline in some ways at several stages of our life, therefore, it’s sensible to apply discipline from childhood. Self-discipline suggests that otherwise to different people like for college kids, it suggests that motivating own self to induce targeting the study and complete assignments at the right time.

However, for the employee, it suggests that to induce up from bed on time within the morning, do exercise to induce work, attend the workplace on time, and do job tasks properly. Self-discipline is extremely needed by everybody to own, as in trendy time nobody has time for others to inspire towards being in the discipline. So discipline has great importance in every faculty of our life.

Civilized student or discipline student can handle every tough situation accordingly because they have knowledge and importance of calmness. They can easily distinguish between right and wrong. Discipline doesn’t mean only respecting elders and parents, following their commands. Discipline student always questions every situation of life.

Discipline students can easily decide in a tough situation due to their calmness and maturity. Discipline students can earn name and fame in society, school, college, everywhere they step. They are stronger physically and mentally. But if they deny and cross the line of discipline their fate is sure.

Many troubles arise in life and due to lack of discipline they frustrate and cannot handle the situation properly as a result either they pass into depression or suicide. According to Laxmi Prasad Devkota, the one who is following the path of discipline they always boo their heads.

A disciplined student is free from ego and arrogance. They always forgive and earn name and fame in society and country. They talk less and do more. A disciplined student always wants to learn new things, have the desire to learn, which makes them great and respectable.

Discipline does not mean being very passive and being very active. Too much of anything is not good for our mental growth. Be in the middle of these two aspects. Discipline teaches the calmness and patience. It also teaches us about the commitment or words that we have given to someone. Discipline increases the will power of an individual.

A disciplined student is always in search of personal development and improvement. If we fail in the exam, our discipline provides us motivation which is the most needed thing in that situation. It encourages us to try again, teaches us to fight and does not let us give up.

It turns coward into a brave one. It always encourages us to work hard, develop our skills. Disciplined one knows how to influence other people and make a good relationship with people. People will follow our words and obey our orders if we are well disciplined.

Discipline reflects our thinking toward people, things, work, and other aspects. Well, a disciplined individual can always complete their assignment at a time and can gain control over a teacher’s psychology. So, discipline is a very important aspect in the field of education.

Among them, one of the main advantages of discipline is the ability to forgive or forgo instant and immediate gladness and pleasure. A disciplined individual can do any work without selfishness and jealousness. A disciplined one can do any work without expecting any profit, they do work for learning, and they are not here for entertainment.

They are here to develop their skill and talent, they are here for higher-level thinking, they are here for a spiritual purpose. Simply, they are here to learn. Their view toward earning is “In the process of earning, don’t forget learning”.

This thinking enables an individual to achieve their dreams and goals. It also gives inner strength and power to overcome addictions, procrastination, and laziness and to follow through whatever you do. This is a very useful and essential skill to be developed in teenagers as well as an adult. Most of the people know about it but only a few use it as their strength. 

In opposition to normal conviction, self-control is certainly not an extreme and constrained conduct or a prohibitive way of life. It is an imperative element for progress, any type of achievement.

It conveys what needs be as tirelessness, the capacity not to surrender in spite of disappointment and difficulties, as restraint, and as the capacity to oppose allurements and diversions that will, in general, hinder achieving points and objectives.

Truth be told, it is a standout amongst the most imperative mainstays of genuine and stable achievement. This capacity prompts fearlessness, confidence and inward power, and consequently to joy and fulfillment. Then again, absence of self-control may prompt disappointment, misfortune, well being and connections issues, and obesity and to different inconveniences.

Building up the correct propensities and habits will impact the appropriate measure of control into our lives. The most serious the issue, particularly with habits that we’ve had for a long year and even decades are the neural pathways that have been scratched in our cerebrums. Keep in mind that habits set aside an effort to frame and to break.

Every person in this world has its weakness. An individual should recognize their weakness to be a disciplined one. For example, a person has a habit of getting angry frequently, this is an absolute problem. It can resist you while moving toward your goal and aim. To be the disciplined one you should control your brain.

According to Bhagwat Gita, if an individual can control their mind they can achieve everything in their life. An individual should not let the brain to control them, they should control their brain. Your brain always wants comfort and wants to run from hard work and tiredness.

An individual should not blame themselves for their failure. The weakness of most of the people in this present era is blaming others for their mistakes. So firstly recognize your weakness and try your best to amend and change it.

You know what most of the people in this world have some desire. And that is the cause of wetting their eyes. They lost their control, and losing control does not mean discipline.

According to Bhagwat Gita, if an individual wants to live in peace and live happily, they should give up every of their desire. For example: if you have the desire of big house, world’s luxuries cars, world your and other enjoyment then you are never going to be happy soul, because if it doesn’t get fulfilled then consequences’ are deadly.

After the disappointment, you feel weak and shallow. And then depression, weakness, laziness, inefficiency in work and at last suicide. The disciplined man never thinks about suicide. They always think about learning, improving and being an advanced form of them.

If you plan to accomplish self-discipline, you should have a straightforward vision of what you would like to achieve. You should be well known about the success and achievement of your life. You should have a clear vision of your goal and achievement.

If you don’t know where you going is where you want to go then you are a monkey without a tail. You will be lost and disappear in a short period. Figure out who are you really, are you here to lose? Are you here to give up? Make sense of your identity and what you are about. Make a mantra to keep yourself centered. Fruitful individuals utilize this system to remain on track and build up a reasonable end goal.

We aren’t brought into the world with self-discipline. It requires day by day practice and reiteration, like other important skills in your life. Much the same as setting off to the exercise center, willpower and self-discipline take a great deal of work.

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The things needed for self-discipline are draining or lacking. In the present context of the world, people do whatever they like. They do not think about their value, self-respect and their prestige, which is the major aspect to develop discipline habits. Over time, it can turn out to be increasingly harder to hold your self-control in line and can bring negative consequences in your life. So take a time to build your self-respect to build your self-discipline.

We should try to keep things more simply. We should break our goal in a small unit, which will defiantly help us to achieve our aim or goals. We should avoid thinking. It will decrease our creativity and calmness. And lack of calmness does not belong to discipline. We should give time to everything in our life.

We should learn, enjoy, party, and take rest. Take proper sleep to make our brainwash. We should give time to everything in this present era. Everything is learning in this world. I am a student and I can do modern things as well as local. For example, I can get milk from cows as well as I can use and operate modern equipment.

Make habit of learning and engaging in some works, don’t stay ideal. Don’t overthink about simple matters. Be focused, be calm, be a hero and show the world about the power of discipline.

Never stay hungry. Never take more food than your body’s capacity and never take less food as your body needs.try to balance everything. Discipline means balancing things, neither more nor less. Always try to be neutral. Up to now, we were talking about the psychological aspects of the discipline.

But it is the physical aspects to determine discipline. If we lack proper nutrition we may suffer from different diseases. It can also cause mental disorders and psychological problems. Hungry on is always angry, which may cause chaos and disorder in an individual’s life.

You try to take only healthy foods rather than junk food. It may sound weird but it is practically proved. Regular exercise and another gymnastic workout can enable and teach us about hardworking and discipline. So maintaining health is also an aspect that belongs to discipline.

Firstly we should change the thinking toward willpower of us. As indicated by an investigation by Stanford University, the measure of self-discipline and individual has is determined by their convictions or beliefs.

And according to Bhagwat Geeta “A man is made by his belief, as he believes so he is.” If you believe that you have a limited amount of willpower or capacity then you can never win over your limits and challenges of life.

If you think you think you cannot achieve what you want if you think it is very hard to do when you have already lost the game, my son. If you can remove these subconscious challenges and truly believe you can have it done, then you will give yourself an extra package of motivation toward making those goals a reality, toward making your dream reality.

Discipline is an important aspect of one’s life. Discipline implies total compliance with specific tenets and guidelines. An existence without Discipline is much the same as a house without a roof. It is significant for an effective life.

Discipline is the auxiliary and major unit of a fruitful individual. It is fundamental for us at home, for troopers in the front line, for understudies in school, for players in the play area. A group of experienced players regularly lose the match due to indiscipline in the group.

A shocking fight can be won by a taught army. Discipline is imperative in an understudy’s life. He should comply with his educators, must keep the guidelines of the school. He should be true, devoted, and firm and center his objectives. If he disregards, at that point, he endures a lot in his future.

As an understudy is the fate of our nation, in this way, he should be dependable to his everyday practice, persevering, solid and fit. Discipline requests restraint and commitment. It led to the development of a decent society and country as well.

To be guided by tenets, to pay due respect to older people and unrivaled officers, to obey them and to carry on in a precise way, all these go under the term discipline. Discipline is essential in varying backgrounds. Regardless of whether at school or home, in the workplace or the processing plant, in the play area or the war zone, discipline is a need.

Discipline is something worth being thankful for and there is no malicious in it. It constructs character, creates quality and solidarity and encourages co-activity. Everybody should follow the path of discipline from their teenage. It should never be ignored, as it is the mystery of accomplishment throughout everyday life.

Essay on Nepal – My Country My Pride For Kids & Students Of Schools and Colleges

The home is our first school where we receive our first lesson of discipline and self-control through obedience to parents and elders people. As we pass out of the nursery and enter the higher educational institutions, discipline becomes a matter of essential importance.

That is because student life is a period of preparation for making history. In society, there is a great requirement for discipline. If individuals are permitted to do whatever they like, the rule of society will break up and its marches of progress and prosperity will come to end. Lack of self-discipline among the young people of the nation can endanger national enforcement.

Thus, discipline is a very important aspect of our life. It necessary commodity in everyone’s life. Every individual who wants success in their life should follow the path of discipline and self-control. It is neither easy to implement nor impossible.

To be safe from frustration, pain, and depression and to be happy and enjoy life, they can implement discipline in their life. Discipline will describe the real meaning of living and life.

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