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Essay On Punctuality 700 words

Essay on Punctuality: – First of all, everyone should understand what is it to be punctual and what is punctuality. It relates to everything in real-life incidents. In simple words, Doing particular things and managing the time to do it on the basis is defined to be punctual (Punctuality). If a person does work or is regular to work on a given time, it’s called being punctual and signs discipline as well.


For being punctual every person is relatable. But it starts with the students. While schooling children are taught to be punctual in various sectors. For example, either it’s studying, playing, eating, submitting homework, etc. Students are given a certain time to complete these tasks. (Completing these tasks on time is known to be punctual).

Not only students every people who work on a higher-level have to be punctual. So, we can clearly say that every human being relates to this term. Discipline, manners, personality also starts from punctuality.


Firstly, and most importantly we need to manage time because time and tide wait for none. So for the first phase, we need to analyze time management.

Then, Departure for the respected location or work should be considered so that you don’t get late to your destination.

Finally, consider Discipline and manners while speaking with seniors, teachers and authorities.


Being punctual has many advantages itself. Punctuality determines how much a person is interested in their work. (For example, how much a student is worried about his/her studies, how much staff is concerned for his job and many more). As we know, the first impression is the last impression.

The first thing everyone sees is a person’s punctuality and discipline. It also gives students credit marks for their results and a good grade on their character. It shows a person’s character personality and manners itself as well. So, every person has to be punctual honest and civilized to gain better impressions and credit from superiors.


As people have different nature it depends on them how much they take punctuality seriously. Some lazy people don’t know its value and advantage. They just think it’s a waste of time while it is all about time management.

Some think it is a part of life and should be followed even at home. They believe it improves habit as well so they become punctual with discipline and manners as well. As everybody has different habits so they have different thoughts. But everybody has to respect time because it can change anytime and anywhere. Be Punctual!


The first thing you earn from being punctual is respect and rewards. If you are regular and value time people will value you as well because its impression that can’t be bought through money.

Respect is earned with manners and discipline and being punctual is the important behavior that is related. It also helps to gain extra credit marks and certificates as well. It proves that you are successful as a student, worker, staff, etc.

These are some of the importance of being punctual. So, we should learn these things because the first thing everyone notices wherever we go is punctuality, discipline, and manners. (For example, If a student is regular with all his classes and is on every class on given time before the teacher enters then the teacher automatically knows him/her as a good student.)


If you are not punctual and always late then things turn around. You are known as a bad student, worker, staff, etc. No one is impressed by your efforts if you don’t value time because the most important thing in a person’s life is time. If you are late it hampers other as well.

Though you don’t know the importance of time, others have works to carry on. So, if they wait because you are late they may be late themselves.

It leaves a bad impression and people usually won’t care about your efforts if you are not punctual. (For example, if a student is late for his exams then he is even not allowed to give his examination because an examination has a certain time to start and finish.)


Finally, we can conclude that to be on time, to complete the work on time, and not being late on any important sectors is one of the most important things that people admire. So, to earn respect and a better impression from peoples we should learn to be punctual and carry on with our work as a respective identity (student, staff, worker, manager, head, etc).

by Amit Budhathoki

Essay on Punctuality 2000 words

Punctuality is key to success and positive results. But only a few people can drum it in their head. Punctuality is the property of any individual to be on a specific time or complete an assignment inside the given time. An individual who dependably does their takes a shot at a time is called as punctual.

Punctuality is normal for an individual which makes him able to deal with every one of the arrangements on schedule. It empowers an individual to do the right thing at the opportune time immediately at work. Punctuality is an exceptionally vital characteristic that must be in every one of the general population.

It assumes different extraordinary jobs in all social statuses and advantages an individual from numerous points of view. Students must be educated to achieve their schools at the correct time.

Punctuality is an incredible quality which can make an individual fruitful and celebrated identity. Punctuality is a decent quality which can be created at any age anyway great to create from adolescence; as the nature and limit of following things decreases gradually with age.

It is the nature of doing things speedily at the perfect time. It is central excellence which dependably gives it advantageous natural products all through life. The absence of promptness in existence causes different hurtful impacts. It is considered as the best key to accomplishment in each field of work.

Individuals, who can’t be prompt, get disappointment in their life. Being a punctual individual supports a great deal all through life in different viable ways. It is an absolute necessity to have propensity by everybody as it helps in all the open issues of any socialized society.

Without reliability, everything winds up cluttered and life never goes smooth. For a prompt individual, it turns out to be difficult to squander their significant time. They generally handle all the day by day schedule works and occupation arrangements at right time.

It is a flat out need to have affinity by everyone as it helps in all the open issues of any illuminated society. Without speediness, everything ends up jumbled and life never goes smooth. They by and large handle all the step by step plan works and business courses of action at a fortunate time.

It is true that punctuality is the key to positive results because the person who does not understand the real meaning and worth of time can never get positive results and success in their life.

Being a succeed one means reaching to the destination what a person desire in their life. And it is only possible when they do the entire task on time faithfully and regularly. Punctuality is the secret of all successful individuals around the globe.

It makes the way clear to feel free to get achievement and distinction everywhere throughout the world. Fruitful individuals know very well the estimation of time just as how to use time inappropriate way in their life.

Most of the people are well known about time and tide waits for no one. It refers that both, time and tide never wait, anyone, it means they are irreversible. No one can restore the time to use in future time however everybody can utilize it completely by going side by side with time.

Everyone has to understand the importance of time to live a purposeful and meaningful life. This quality does not come from the mother’s womb; it is an attitude to develop according to need and requirement. It is the most vital ideas which require time to develop.

It can be developed better from childhood by the assistance of guardians and educators at home and school. Any good propensity turns out to be awesome and never goes at whatever point it is obtained well by the individual. It turns into the permanent piece of individuals’ attitude.
Punctuality of an individual reflects the personality of a person.

A punctual student can all carry out their school tasks in due time than the person who isn’t reliable. A dependable individual looks sound, fit, solid, reliable and beautiful. Punctuality assumes an incredible job in individuals’ life by giving them their approach to goal.

Every one of the guardians and instructors should comprehend their obligations and help their youngsters and students in creating reliability in their developing age.

Prompt and effective individuals become good examples and commendable identities of their general public and nation. Individuals, who demolish their time, can never do things what they need and become a disappointment. Thus, everybody must be reliable in this aggressive world to live cheerfully.

Students need to be punctual in every second to accomplish what they need throughout everyday life. It is one of the noblest nobleness which makes student progressively socialized and refined. Student needs this quality to create as a propensity to get things done at the right time.
Punctuality is of extraordinary quality to the students as it teaches them discipline also.

Being punctual students can be at the right time everywhere such as in school, in the lab, in class, in the library, at home, in the examination hall, in the project, etc. They can perform better at both spot home and school. It helps in exclude sluggishness and negative dispositions of the students.

A disciplined and punctual student always gets regard, acknowledgment and social acknowledgment in the school and society. They appreciated a great deal by the instructors and parents. Punctuality is the way to progress for all the time students.

Students should pursue all the extraordinary world leaders to achieve popularity and progress. It gives students different brilliant chances to improve in life in numerous fields. No one of us was born with the virtue of punctuality; everyone has to develop it on their own. It makes certain the path of accomplishment.

Students who are punctual dependably be found at his obligation and requesting for that time. Individuals can without much of a stretch has confidence in such understudy, on the off chance that he talks he will be there, he will be there.

Then again, if a student who isn’t prompt, one can’t rely upon him. His connection will begin to acknowledge he can’t deal with his very own time and these vulnerabilities will seep into matters beyond the clock. Being on time makes you a trustworthy individual as well as it instructs you that you to construct trust in yourself.

The more you keep the endeavors, the more certain will develop and individuals trust you. The more you become fearlessness, the less you will be helpless before your propensities and impulses. At last, your life will be in your control.

A punctual student can deal with his time all the more proficiently that he focuses on details and he can secure an undertaking to do another vital work on schedule. It’s been extraordinary if students create discipline in their lives.

They can be reliable at spots like school, library, tasks, and examination just as home. It will help them in disposing of laziness, negative frame of mind and negative attitude.

A regimented and punctual student always gets respect and social acceptance in society and school. For all students, being on time is the way to progress.

They should pursue the life of incredible individuals who made progress and distinction. It will urge them to do well in numerous fields of their lives. Nobody is brought into the world with temperance; everybody requires creating it.

A student should be dependable on the off chance that he needs to accomplish what he needs throughout everyday life. It is a standout amongst the most essential characteristics that make the student progressively cultivated and refined.

A student who has a propensity for getting things done on time never comes up short. Being prompt spares you from the pointless inconvenience.
If you are not punctual yet and aggravated for getting late all over the place or getting things done and being reprimanded by individuals around you.

The previously mentioned things will urge you to be punctual. Punctuality assumes an essential job in a student’s life by giving them their ideal goal. Punctual individuals become deserving of the general public and good example for other people, who are not punctual.

The punctuality of a representative gives a positive flag to the business. A punctual representative gives the feeling that he is intense for his activity and that he is skillful in releasing his obligations in a proficient way. His supervisor can assign him critical undertakings with no stress. His directions regard according to the two of his partners and the manager.

Punctuality is righteousness, which is doubly honored. It grants productivity and keeps an individual fit, solid and healthy. If we rise promptly toward the beginning of the day and go for a stroll each day and pursue a set-program of life consistently, we will most likely stay fit and healthy.

Then again, an absence of promptness or punctuality may cultivate the propensity for delaying. In any case, if we falter and show laxity in our everyday programs, we will most likely be unable to stick to the pre-determined time frame.

Just look at nature. The sun ascends at a specific time each day with a slight variation. Rain falls in an ordinary example of being punctual. Every one of the seasons dependably develops each year. The flowers sprout in spring and the earth wears green clothing during the spring season.

Along these lines, the moon and the stars show up at a specific period. The seasons change as indicated by a set timetable. Therefore, everything in nature shows up at a proper time. Subsequently, nature instructs us to be punctual. If we pursue the course of nature, we will keep fit, healthy and strong.

No school, college or establishment can work if reliability or punctuality isn’t seen there. Hence, punctuality is an imperative element of every single effective individual.

A punctual person always succeeds which helps them to uplift their thinking level. Punctuality is a behavior that makes a person work on a given time. The individual who is punctual in his childhood they will be successful in his whole life because positive attitude and habit start to develop on them, which is a major sign for victory and positive result.

Most of the people around us like an individual who complete their work in time. There are so many benefits to being punctual. The punctual peoples are very healthy because they eat food at the proper time in the proper amount.

They have a high level of job and good earning. On the other hand unpunctual person, no one likes them and he does not take care of itself due to this he becomes an indolent person. They do not completely work on time not only in his office but also in all other fields of life. It is a natural thing everyone likes and dislikes due to habits and behavior.

And we know that the careless and unpunctual man always lost the big good chances or opportunities and success. If we want to get success we should change our habit and should be punctual one.

Punctuality is an important characteristic of all. It should be created by all people, mostly young people of the country as they are future and need to lead their nation. The rate of advancement in any nation relies upon how individuals of that nation are punctual and trained to their activity.

Along these lines, punctuality is a key to progress for everybody. Punctuality is the most vital characteristic that everybody must be a fruitful individual. It makes an individual fit enough to finish all the required errands at the effectively chosen time.

The word importance of dependable is ‘on schedule’. Everybody needs to be on schedule. What will occur if a specialist gets late to the activity theater, students get late to the examination corridor, and so forth? Everything will get failed; students can be out of examination corridor.

Author: Sabiz Ghimire

Essay on punctuality 2500 words

The statement is every person’s habit of inspiring him to perform any task at the time. This is the biggest secret of success: punctuality is a leader who leads the country and is a very important feature of other activities. The punch of time means that to complete the task, to keep all things systematically related to that work, as soon as it is ready at the time.

This is a courtesy that is the time to complete a person’s tasks and to realize the importance of time. A person takes the time to honor and organize the time at the time or in time. Timeliness is a very important feature that must be maintained to be successful for all individuals. It allows a person to be sufficient at a given time to fulfill all the necessary tasks.

The timely meaning of the word is “on time.” It is very much needed for everyone to be timely. What happens when doctors go to the Operation Theater late, students go to the Examination Room late, etc. We know that every person needs to be on time.

For example, what happens if a doctor reaches the operation theater late or a student reaches the exam hall late, etc. All will get messed up, a student may be out of the exam hall, and a patient may be dead.  Punctuality should be a person’s habit of timely performing any task. It is also the leading character of leaders who lead our country or other tasks.

It is an etiquette that motivates a person to timely perform the works. All will be disturbed, the student may be removed from the exam hall after the exam is delayed and the patient may die if the doctor arrives late. Perfectionism, in other words, means that always on time.

It is very beneficial to be a timely person for effective lifelong methods. All this habit should develop within itself; because it helps in all civilized society’s public matters. Everything becomes chaotic without virtue and life is not moving smoothly. It’s very hard for a punctual person to destroy his precious time. At the right time, they always do all their daily tasks and appointments.

For numerous reasons, being timely is important, all of which can be applied to both military and civil life, as well as to your work and social life. I think it’s important because it shows respect for others. If someone is consistently late in events, it shows others around them little or no respect for others and their time.

Time is a precious thing, and it should be considered as such. If a person has other people’s commitments and responsibilities, they should realize that other times are just as important as their own.

Someone who consistently late shows others that their time is more precious than others. I ought to have considered this as someone new to our company. Rather than being seen in a good light, I may be seen as an irresponsible and undependable person.

If I can’t manage my time effectively and be on time, others may feel that I’m not responsible enough to do my job properly and efficiently. In turn, this impression might affect my career for a long time. As well as being respectful and responsible, being on time also means you’re more likely to know what’s going on.

For this matter, most of the time, the start of a meeting or training can be used to publish important information. Information that the leaders believe to be relevant. If someone is late in a training or meeting, they run the risk of not getting the information put out or getting a fellow person’s misconstrued version. Without proper information, this person is more likely to start a cycle that can be difficult to break again and again.

Importance and other important detail about punctuality

Sometimes, in family and society, a person becomes more disciplined and receives great respect. He works successfully during intervention all employees working in the defense mechanism are strictly trained to punish their duties, even if rain, sunlight, storm or any other natural disaster occurs. Timeliness takes a person to a higher success level.

Parents and teachers in school can develop this quality for better development. Once a timely student moves toward his goal, he receives love, affection, and respect in family, school, and society. Punctuality is a disciplined person’s quality. It helps a person move with time and more efficiency.

A person who is disciplined and timely is always happy, healthy and healthy. Without completing his work on time, a person with such qualities never feels comfortable. He wakes up early in the morning, completing all the tasks of daily life, and becoming involved in carrying out those tasks that are necessary to advance in life. The time’s punctual and disciplined person never fails in his life and is always respected.

If we look at the natural process, people are different from life. All-natural processes are the best examples to learn about timeliness. To achieve their goals in their lives, students need to be timely. It is one of the best qualities to make students more cultured and civilized.

This quality should be developed by students as a habit of doing things at the right time. Punctuality is a great student quality, as it also teaches them discipline. Students can always appear at the right time by using it; e.g.-school, laboratory, classroom, home, exam room, experimental work, etc. They can do better at school as well as at home.

This helps remove students ‘ laziness and negative behavior at home as well as at school. In both the school and society, a disciplined and timely student receives respect, recognition and social acceptance. They are praised by their parents and teachers.

Punctuality for punctured students of all time is the key to success. To achieve fame and success, students should follow all the world’s great leaders. It provides students with golden opportunities to improve in many life areas. With the virtue of punctuality, none of us is born; everyone has to develop it on their own.

It makes some way to succeed. We can complete our work at the right time if we are on time. Punctuality controls the waste of unnecessary time. Time is valuable to us. We can save it only by punctuality. It’s time and tide to wait for none. Seconds, minutes, hours and days pass in the right order. England’s people are very timely.

They put on wrist-watches to exercise punctuality, but we people put on wrist-watches only as show ornaments. We are unable to move forward. If we aren’t on time. Punctuality helps us make progress. It saves money in other ways as well. There’s a saying. “Time saves a stitch of nine.”

So if we take our food on time, we will never be sick, so we will never have to spend money on medicines and doctors or worry about our loved ones. And that principle applies well in all other cases.

The key to success is indeed punctuality because a person who does not understand the value and meaning of time can never succeed in his life. Being a successful person means reaching your goal you want to accomplish in your life.

And it can only happen if it performs all the tasks on time with complete dedication and regularity. Punctuality is the secret of all successful people’s lives in this world. It clears the way to go forward and achieve worldwide success. Successful people are familiar with the value of time and know-how to use the right way in their lives.

Nevertheless, no one can assemble time to experiment in the future; with no timely step by step can certainly make proper use of it. To live a meaningful life, everybody should understand the value of time. With this quality, no one is born, but some people later develop it according to their life’s needs and need.

This is a very important quality that can be achieved gradually. With the help of parents and teachers respectively, it is better to develop it at home and school. Any good habit can be very good and it never goes away whenever it is well received by a person. He becomes a permanent part of the nature of the people after this. The habit of punctuality shows the personality of the person.

For everyone who should be considered in life, it is a very necessary factor. To achieve what he wants in life, a student should be punctual all the time as it is one of the noblest virtues that make students more civilized and cultured. To do things in the right time, all students need to develop this quality as a habit.

Just think what will happen if the country’s every citizen become punctual. I believe it will put all the nation’s systems on track and lead our country to glory and success. Using the value of punctuality, students can be on time everywhere, such as at school, in the laboratory, in the classroom, in the library, at home, in the examination hall, in the project, etc.

They can do better at home and school. This habit helps to remove laziness and negative attitudes from the students. A disciplined and timely student in both the school and society will always respect, recognize, and accept socially. The teachers and parents appreciated it a lot.

It’s also a disciplined person’s virtue. It allows a person to properly schedule all of a day’s tasks and perform them on time in an easy way. Even a minute or a second, the punctual people would never want to waste their time. It also makes going with time more efficient for a person.

A punctual, disciplined person remains happy, fit and healthy at all times. Without completing his tasks on time, a person with the quality of punctuality will never feel relaxed. He’s going to wake up early in the morning and complete all the routine daily tasks. Also, punctual and disciplined people never fail to be respected in their lives.

A punctual individual always succeeds in helping them to raise their level of thinking. Punctuality is a behavior that gives a person time to work. They will be successful throughout his life as the individual who is punctual in his childhood because a positive attitude and habit begin to develop on them, which is a major sign of victory and positive outcome.

Most of the people around us are like a person who completes their work in time. There are so many advantages to being timely. Punctual people are very healthy because in the proper quantity they eat food at the right time. They’ve got a good job and a good earn.

On the other hand, an unpunctual person, no one likes it and because of this he becomes an indolent person, he does not take care of himself. Not only his office but all other fields of life, they do not completely work on time. Everyone likes and dislikes it naturally because of habits and behavior.

And we know the careless and impromptu man has always lost great opportunities or opportunities and success. If we want to succeed, we should change our custom and be one on time.

Punctuality is an important feature for everyone. All people, mostly the country’s young people, should create it as they are the future and need to lead their nation. In any nation, the rate of advancement depends on how timely and trained individuals of that nation are to their activity.

Punctuality is a key to progress for everyone along these lines. Punctuality is the most vital feature that everybody has to be a fruitful person. It makes an individual fit enough at the time effectively chosen to complete all the required errands. Reliable word importance is’ on schedule.’

Being on schedule is extremely vital for everyone. What happens if a specialist arrives at the activity theater late, students get to the exam corridor late, and so on. All will fail; students can be out of the exam corridor.

The more proficiently a punctual student can deal with his time, the more he focuses on details and can secure an undertaking to do another vital work on schedule. If students create discipline in their lives, it’s been extraordinary.

They can be as reliable as home at spots such as school, library, tasks, and exam. It will help them to eliminate laziness, negative mental frameworks, and negative attitude. A regimented and timely student in society and school always gets respect and social acceptance.

The way to progress is to be on time for all students. They should pursue the lives of amazing people who have made progress and distinction. In numerous areas of their lives, it will urge them to do well. No one is tempered into the world; everyone needs to create it.

A student should be reliable on the off chance he needs throughout his daily life to accomplish what he needs. It is outstanding among the most essential features that make the student gradually grown and refined. A student with a propensity to do things on time never gets short. You are spared from pointless inconvenience by being prompt.


Punctuality plays a very important role in people’s lives by providing them with a way to achieve their goals. All parents and teachers should understand their duties and help their children and students develop their punctuality. A timely and successful person is an inspiration for society and the people of the country and a respected person.

Those people who in nothing destroy their time are always unsuccessful. Therefore, in this competitive world, everyone should be on time to be happy. Punctuality is a key quality for everyone. Especially by the nation’s youth, everyone must develop; because they are the future and they only have to lead the country.

Development rates in any country depend on how committed and disciplined that country’s people are towards their profession. Punctuality is, therefore, the key to everybody’s success. Punctuality is of excellent quality. Punctuality is a fairly regular kinship.

Regularity means working according to the rules, regulations, and schedule. Punctuality means working according to the schedule. Punctuality is a factor in time. We must see that we work strictly following the fixed time.

Everyone in his daily life should be punctual. Every student should make a timeliness habit. The people in their lives that have become great are very punctual. Punctuality is the first condition in life to become great. So, in our life, punctuality should be the motto. Not only should we be timely ourselves, but we should also advise others to be timely.

Punctuality is, therefore, a necessary characteristic for all people. Punctuality is also key to everybody’s success. To achieve fame and success, students should follow all our great world leaders as they are the nation’s future. It offers different great golden opportunities for the students to do a lot better in life.

With this virtue, none of us was born, but all of us must develop it on their own. A timely person always succeeds in life and therefore knows well how to manage and respect his time.

Author: – Anil Sharma

Essay on punctuality 3000 words

Punctuality is the soul of courtesy, according to the English proverb. Wherever we are, it is a sign of respect for others’ time, it is a basic norm of education and an act of consideration towards others.

Punctuality requires that the person execute management at a certain time, or in a few words, be on time in the right place. It is a discipline and commitment that is created over time and applies to everything, when we visit our friends, when we meet with family, work appointments, etc.

There are some cases where people are constantly late and always make excuses, causing a delay for everyone or distractions that interrupt the order of activities. It is understandable to some extent the delays under normal circumstances – 10 or 15 minutes. We must remember that there are unforeseen events and however much we try to prevent them, one is not exempt.

Not always being punctual, is a sign of disinterest, disregard, and disorder of how we manage time and how we plan our activities. Little by little creates the loss of formality, so much so that late arrivals can become a habit.

In some countries, the delay is not accepted and it is a lack of respect, but there are also other countries, especially Latin America that always get a margin of time.

In the workplace, the person must be punctual, where the minutes of delay is considered as tardiness if they are not justified. An important key to always be “on time” is to focus on the activity or action to be performed.

It is basic, although unnecessary, schedule an agenda, alarms, reminders, you can make a schedule where you prioritize your activities. And in this way, It will be easier to stay organized or even tell someone you trust to remind you if you have to do something, to avoid wandering and wasting time.

To be punctual you must first be aware that every person, meeting, activity or appointment has a particular degree of importance. For many people, our word in these cases is a guarantee of having our presence, so if you think you can not reach the agreed time, try to get there sooner.

What precisely is punctuality?

Punctuality is human behaviour that makes us arrive punctually at the places, at the exact time agreed in advance. People use certain instruments to have knowledge of the time, such as watches.

Punctuality, in principle, is a quality acquired by human beings, which is considered as the virtue of fulfilling the delivery of a task. Or fulfilling an obligation, within the stipulated time and committed to the realization of it.

In some cultures, time is not as important as in others and, therefore, some people within those cultures are in the freedom of not meeting the deadline as well as with schedules. In these cultures, it is not frowned upon to arrive late at meetings or to fail to meet deadlines.

However, in cultures where punctuality is valued, the lack thereof is considered a lack of respect and consideration with another person, task or obligation; that can even be taken as an insult.

Those who arrive late or do not comply with the pre-established deadlines are excluded from the meetings or the work is rejected. Almost, in this way, punishing them socially for what is considered a breach of speech.

Punctuality as value

Punctuality is considered a value. It is a discipline that consists of being on time to our obligations: a family dinner, a meeting of friends, a job to deliver, a meeting in the office, and so on.

There are even companies that demand from their employees, by signing an agreement, the fact of arriving punctually at their daily jobs, being punished for the opposite action.

The idea of ​​punctuality, in everyday life, is a discipline. That is to say, with the passage of time, it is possible to achieve an untimely lifestyle and go, little by little, to punctuality.

This is so necessary to create our personality of character, order, and efficiency. Because it allows us to enjoy more the moments of daily life, organized and without being to the runs to arrive on schedule.

Punctuality requires an organization that goes from the smallest level of life in society to the largest level depending on the place you occupy in the community.

Punctuality allows us to recover the value of time, also to carry out our work and activities in suitable conditions to be able to do them. The unpunctuality indicates a lack of interest that often generates a negative score. In the case of jobs and large activities, as well as the annoyance of those who work with us

Tips to start being a punctual person

Punctuality is one of the greatest qualities of a person, especially a professional, because it speaks of commitment, respect and a good ability to organize.

When you arrive early at any appointment indicates that you respect the time not only yours but the other person, but also lets see your responsibility to your word and organize your duties.

Being punctual, you will feel much less stressed, because you will not have to worry all the time to arrive on time or to apologize to those affected. To always arrive at the time agreed to your commitments, cultivate this habit from today.

If you want to start being more punctual follow these tips:

1.            Recognize that you are an unpunctual person:

Like any problem, you can not fix it if you constantly believe that you do not have this problem. If unpunctuality is causing you problems in your work or with your interpersonal relationships, the first thing you have to do is acknowledge that you have this weakness.

2.            Be aware of the weather:

Yours and others’. Do not play with the time of the people or yours, advancing the clock can help you, but not other people. They know unconsciously that their watch is wrong and they have 5 more minutes and ignore it.

3.            Do not make too many plans:

When organizing our day, we tend to fill up on pending. You think that by juggling you can meet everyone. Error. The reality is that we almost always postpone one. You must learn to include in your agenda only the tasks that you can carry out and so you do not look bad with anyone.

4.            Prepare everything from the previous night:

You get tired home, but one of the main habits to be productive is to overtake as much as possible the night before. Especially if you will have an early meeting. Fill your gas tank, prepare your breakfast, choose your clothes, iron them, with small advances you achieve an improvement.

5.            Go sleep early:

It is not that at 8 at night you are already in your bed, but not at 2 in the morning. Studies confirm that the most successful people get up early, but how can you get up in the sun if you sleep after midnight? You’re only going to make it a habit.

6.            Wake up with the first alarm:

Do not stay with the typical five minutes more. One of the best habits you can cultivate is getting up as soon as your alarm goes off. Preferably, get an alarm that does not have a “snooze” function.

7.            Take advantage of the technology:

Digital tools can become your great allies when it comes to organizing your tasks. Download one that allows you to make lists of pending and set reminders, and to synchronize with all your mobile devices. This will help you have your appointments matched.

8.            Configure two alarms:

To avoid being late to your meetings, set two alarms: one for when it’s time to get ready to leave. And another for when you have to be crossing the door. If you want to comply with everything you have to do, a sound to arrive, one to leave.

9.            Arrive 15 minutes early:

Yes, the punctuality is not to arrive before, but if you are not used to it you should make the habit and foresee any setback. To do this, commit to always arrive 15 minutes before your appointment. This means that you will arrive before everyone and you will have a lot of “free” time.

10.         Load a book with you:

Since now you will arrive before everyone, try to carry a book or a “Tablet” with you to advance your slopes. So you can make better use of that time and you will not feel like you’re wasting your time or desperate if someone does not arrive at the same time as you.

11.         Start with an end in mind:

It consists of first imagining the final scene to be able to commit to the task and plan it properly. For example, if you have to deliver a The 15-page paper, you must imagine the time of delivery and ask questions from back to front. Such as how much time do I need to review this text? And to write it? And to document me etc.

12.         Leave space for personal life:

When we plan things, we think of stable conditions, but life is not like that and then problems or exceptions arise and we did not count on them. The expert suggests that a good calculation is to organize by reserving a “mattress of 20% of the time for life: if you need 10 days for something plan 12 and you will live better”.

13.         Study your rhythms and decide:

It is about treating oneself with consideration and not putting off the tasks that we dislike. But rejecting them and accepting the consequences or dealing with them at the best possible time.

14.         Do the hard things at best:

Most do the difficult tasks at the most productive or critical moment of the day when you are more alert when nothing seems impossible.

15.         Modifying ideas and habits:

This psychological approach is based on a premise that, in such a simple way, seems revolutionary. It consists of modifying both beliefs and habits (the habitual ways of behaving, moving, etc.) so that a new way of acting becomes consolidated.

So, if you want to learn to be punctual you have to change both the actions. From the smallest details to the thoughts and how the consequences of those actions are interpreted.

16.         Dismiss the optimistic option:

The phenomenon by which some people always arrive late is a kind of procrastination, or “I will do it tomorrow syndrome”. Although in these cases it occupies temporary limits that instead of occupying several days takes minutes. That means that, unconsciously, we make excuses not to have to leave at the right time, usually because it is lazy.

17.         Target hours of travel:

For the most important appointments, it is good to sign up a mini-schedule about the sequence of actions that must be followed to arrive on time. Highlighting the most important phases of a process that can last less than an hour.

For example, the time to start dressing, combing, leaving home, etc. The initial stages are the most important, and therefore they must be more numerous and more detailed than the rest.

18.         Mini-penalties:

Every time you arrive late, even for a minute, you have to pay a small fine, which may consist of several coins worth a dinner, for example. If this commitment is made to more people because there is more pressure to fulfill it. Also, you have to pay that fine in the next 24 hours.

19.         Forbidden to run:

This rule is explained alone. In addition, it has two functions. On the one hand, it prevents the possibility of leaving late before the prospect of being able to recover time running.

On the other hand, the stress generated by being late to a place and not being able to run means that, if this happens, it will serve as a much more powerful lesson about the type of situations that need to be avoided.

Importance of punctuality

What is punctuality? It is the fulfillment of the commitments acquired in time and form. Punctuality is usually linked to the coordination of activities with other people, but it also applies to self-discipline and individual responsibility with personal objectives.

•             You learn to have a great personal order:

Personal order goes hand in hand with punctuality, because a person who always fulfills their commitments, organizes their resources, avoids procrastination, works efficiently, has a huge sense of responsibility, makes sacrifices if necessary, avoids lying to people, etc.

If you want a successful life, prove that you have the value of punctuality in everything you do and then you will be prepared to lead large projects.

•             It is a demonstration of respect to others:

A punctual person shows that he is interested in people and their time, so he makes sure to exercise planning with a lot of self-discipline to fulfil the established pacts.

•             It is a great sign of self-respect:

If you are a punctual person in everything you do, you show great self-respect. Because you know that every time you keep your word, you will begin to have more control over your life. If you bet every day to be more efficient, there will come a time when the subconscious power will be on your side and many doors will be opened for you to have excellent opportunities in your life.

•             It is an important element for personal development:

Start being punctual with small commitments, then do it with larger objectives. Finally, you will have enough temperance to take responsibility for transcendental goals that may impact millions of people. Remember that punctuality is not only about getting to meetings on but about sticking strictly to the fulfillment of daily goals that are linked to a personal development plan.

•             Help create an atmosphere of efficiency:

The companies with greater leadership are because there is a great self-demand on the part of all their employees. Thus achieving an impressive dynamism that leads to the fulfillment of the strategic objectives.

•             Being punctual: ethics of reciprocity:

Being punctual is a form of respect for others. For a real ethic of reciprocity: history is chock-full of bibliography on the subject. From Judaism to the Gospel and even earlier in the maxims of Greek philosophy there emerges a simple concept of “not doing to others what you do not want to be done to you”. Imagine that for your delay, for example, you could shift your neighbor’s agenda: would it not bother you?

•             Being punctual: the value of time:

One of the most precious resources, for everyone, is time and being punctual is a way to testify that others’ time and ours are worth (at least) the same. This applies in both directions: whether it was you or your interlocutor who held a meeting, meeting, etc.

The person you meet with, maybe, ran, cancel other practices, moved appointments … all tasks that have a cost, maybe not directly monetized. Arriving late: it costs at least the time lost by your interlocutor to wait for you.

•             Being punctual: it is worthwhile.

Your contact person may have a set time for you. Arriving late for this event could cost you precious time to explore important issues or issues. I like to call meetings at precise times and specifying the duration of the meeting: getting late simply means missing a “piece” of the meeting.

Whatever it takes. Clearly, on the contrary, being punctual becomes almost a question of religion: if I indicate a meeting and I first arrive at the time that suits me best?

•             Be punctual: alibi and lies:

“There was a bus strike”, rather than “infernal traffic”, they are alibis with a very short life. Because in reality, even your interlocutor has buses, rather than several kilometers to go, maybe weather conditions, … so there are no excuses. The alibis are actually “lies” towards ourselves.

We are late because we have not been able to plan or anticipate adversity. Also, let’s face it, the alibis become repetitive after a while. Also, the more excuses we try to give, the greater the effort to remind us of all the excuses we bring to various people (like a character I have heard that the dog died a few dozen times). And how “ugly” are the expressions we make when we bring more and more “innovative” excuses?


The unpunctuality directly causes disrespect to the time of the other, who made the effort to be on time. Therefore, this is an important aspect, because they do not take into account the most elementary rules of urbanity, coexistence, or attends to the consideration and respect that others deserve.

The unpunctuality we could affirm that it is a lack of responsibility of one towards oneself and towards the others and it does lose a limited time to the people.

So to find a reason to be punctual should be analyzed and reflect that no one can have the time of others. Or as a great Japanese proverb says time is money and who loses it, loses the treasure.

With this phrase, we can illustrate how punctuality can be determinant in the fulfilment of our institutional goals and objectives and achieve the desired success. For these reasons, time should be given the value that it really has and in what way we can make it yield by being punctual.

On the other hand, when a person is unpunctual, can take into account several options that serve to improve this dysfunction in their image, as suggested below, establishing some tips:

  • Examine and discover the causes of tardiness: laziness, disorder, irresponsibility, forgetting, among others.
  • Establish an adequate means to solve the main cause of the problem
  • Prepare a written schedule and activity plan
  •  Implement a system of “alarms” that help to have a sense of time.
  • Set priorities correctly and give them the right place.
  • Remember that with purpose and sacrifice, the goals are achieved.

Punctuality leads directly and proportionately to decrease insults, the risk of fines, stress, … But if you’re really late, seriously, just a little trick: NOTICE!

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