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Essay on value of Time – 200 words

“Time and tide wait for none.” It is a prevalent English axiom. Sayings are the results of long encounters. Time is a similar thing as the streaming waterway. When it passes, it never returns again. The time once passed, can’t be utilized by us.

Time is generally separated into three sections. They are past, present and future. Past is as of now passed. You can’t get it back. Future is constantly questionable. You can’t foretell it. But the present is your time.

You can utilize it as you like. An individual’s life is in his own hand. What do you like to make yourselves? Make the arrangement and hill it in the present time.

Our life resembles time. It is additionally streaming like the water of a waterway, blowing like the breeze and relaxing. A grown-up can’t recover his adolescence once more, an individual is solid, dynamic, lively and insightful in his childhood. He can do numerous things at this stage. Yet, he can’t do in his old stage. So time particularly critical.

If there should arise an occurrence of understudy, it could easily compare to different people. So we ought to know about time. In the event that we miss resembles the blown breeze or streamed water.

We can’t get it once more. S0, we should know about time. We ought to adapt well. It is our time.

Essay on the value of time 300 words

Time is the event of our life, which is very difficult to explain. It is a complex element. Time is the thing that happens and cannot be changed or turned back. Everything there has its beginning and end. Everything changes, but at a different pace. People divide time into past, present, and future. In order to make it easier for them to travel.

Time is the change of everything around us. The change cannot be stopped or returned. It is like flowing water. Each of us noticed how all summer, plants and trees are green.

But in winter, all become yellow and dry. That means, with time everything changes. The present time soon becomes the past. Like the summertime when everything was green soon became past when the winter arrived.

Then we wait for spring to arrive. The spring which is yet to come is the future. The future for which we cannot do anything but to wait.

That means we do not have control over time. When something home, it’s gone forever. We can’t know before what is going to happen. All we can do is control our today.

The time which is present today in our hand. So we need to make our present beautiful. The present which can change put future.

As said before, time changes continuously. It doesn’t wait for anybody. We need to learn the value of time. We need to engage our time in productive work. Such as studying, doing homework or some creative work duh as art or music etc. Instead of wasting this precious time doing nothing.

The seed that we plant today at the present time will give us the fruit in future. For example, if we learn music at this time while we are studying. In the future when we grow up, we can be a great popular musician. But we spend the time of today doing nothing. It means we cannot be anything in the future.

So learn the value of time and spend it carefully.

Essay on Value of Time 550 Words

The value chain of our life activities can have the value proposition as a private label to create an opportunity for ourselves.

There is a saying: “Time and tide are not waiting for a man.” This means that the time that once happened is passed by forever. This phrase has encapsulated the true value of time, time only gives an opportunity, and you have to use every effort and intelligence to make the most of it.

Time is really a wonderful thing. It can be defined satisfactorily as: It has no beginning or end. All things are born in time, grow in time and expire and die in time.

Time moves at its own pace. It cannot be ordered. it does not wait for kings or princesses and he does not feel sorry for the beggars. It cannot be analyzed. It cannot be criticized.

In general, we are aware of time and its importance. We have developed watches to show the river. We invent dates, days and years to show them and measure them in our own way, but I think it is really indivisible and immeasurable. We can just measure the interval between, but not the actual value of time.

People say that time is money. But I say it is more valuable than money. The lost money can be claimed, but not lost time. A lost moment is lost forever. The time changes constantly.

Change is the law of nature. Nothing is independent of change or time. Human life is very short, but the work is very big and difficult. There is a lot to do in your life. That’s why we should not even waste a minute. Each breath, every second must be used correctly and sensibly.

Our school work, homework, rest and sleep hours, recovery and exercise times, etc. They must be well planned and organized.

We should never postpone doing good and important things. We should never be idle if we work hard. Leisure only enjoys fruitful work. It is our duty not to leave work until tomorrow, that can be done today and today.

We should not waste time. Actually, no one can waste time. We are the ones who waste with time. Profitability and value of time are very important.

The great men and women use every moment in the most profitable and economic way. Through this method, they invented great things, discovered wonderful things and left their mark on the sands of time.

Our free time must be used in a meaningful way. It should be used in the pursuit of healthy and meaningful pastimes and ecstasies. We can study books, learn music, play with children, cultivate a garden, learn to do something new and useful in our free time.

In many larger competitions, we have found that time management is given due importance to score at the highest level. Time management is the impact of the value of time.

It is the moment in which each boom and fall of the economy, sociability, humanity, poverty, and divinity are valued. Almighty God has also provided a limited time for our lives. He has the sun, the moon, the earth, etc. to fulfill his duty in time.

The time for the complete devastation of the entire universe was also established. The time will also control the time after the complete destruction. This time only God knows.

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