Essay On Importance Of English Language For Kids & Students of Schools & Colleges

Essay On Importance Of English Language For Kids & Students of Schools & Colleges (150 words)

People speak many languages in this world. Nepal is a small country but we speak hundreds of languages. But Nepali is the link language for the people. Like this English is a link language for the world people.

English language is very important these days. There are some important reasons. English language is an official language in the UNO. If you have to get a job in foreign offices, you must learn English.

Most important books for higher studies are written in English. It is spoken almost all over the world. It is a work link language.

You must know English if you have to use internet, if you have to go some other countries, if you like to get higher education, if you like to be a businessman, if you like to start a hotel in a Nepal market etc. foreign tourists come to our country and you should speak English. If you like to get a job in a foreign country, you must have English.

Essay on importance of English language 300 Words

Nowadays, knowledge of English is more than necessary. Therefore, to deny its study is at least silly. The moment will come when it will simply be necessary to read or find out the necessary information in English.

Nowadays, we can say that English replaces other foreign languages. ​​Because it is an international language. If you speak English, then you speak all languages!

Knowledge of English will help in work, in business, in communication, in social networks, in technology and computers. You can easily watch movies in English without translation, read books and listen to music in the original. With knowledge of English, travel is easier, because you easily avoid the language barrier.

The English language is used in almost all the world. And is the main element of communication. The English language is interesting because it created other languages too.

Most of the interesting and necessary stories are published in English. Important business is also done in the English language. Most of the websites are also in English. Social sites such as Facebook are also in the English language. Many instructions on the use of any product are written in English.

The English language is simple enough to learn. It can be learned easily. It is not too difficult to learn a language like others. For example Chinese or Japanese.

Most people in the world speak and understand the language. That’s why English has been one of the compulsory subjects in school too. Teachers also prefer their students to speak in the language. Teachers also teach in the English language.

It is easy to tell our feelings in English. There are only 26 alphabets in the language. You don’t have to exactly correct while speaking in English. But still, people can understand you. So I like to learn the English language very much.

Essay on Importance Of English Language 500 Words

A language is an important tool for communication. It is not only a means to communicate thoughts and ideas, but also creates friendships, economic relationships and cultural relationships.

English was considered the first global frank language. In today’s modern world, English has become part of all fields. It is an international language for communication, business, science, information technology, entertainment, etc.

Although many countries have English as a native language, those who speak English are considered highly educated and respected. In addition, they can open a variety of open professional opportunities for people who speak English everywhere.

It has become the work of English and also a prerequisite for several fields, professions such as computers and medicine.

In the current world of globalization, we need to acquire knowledge about advanced technologies and all kinds of science. There is an urgent need for such a common language that can be understood by adolescents throughout world and in the language in which all data and information are available. In addition, the English language becomes a memory for social and political knowledge.

Due to the rapid growth of information technology, especially in the Internet world, the English language governs Internet users. Without the English language we cannot do anything on the internet.

The advent of online universities has now allowed everyone to learn English. Everyone has access to Internet facilities, even in developing countries. The Internet has opened up new career opportunities for all citizens of the world outside of their country.

The Internet has also played a crucial role in the promotion and dissemination of the English language throughout the world. More and more people use the English language, and English is also the language of the Internet.

Education has expanded the function of the English language. Most of the teaching materials, materials and books are in English. The world education systems of universities around the world require the English language.

People who study abroad use the English language as a means of communication and learning. The lack of English language skills makes everyone in the world today unsuitable for education.

The most important function of a language is correct communication. Therefore, the English language also plays a strong medium of communication. It has been found that of the nearly six billion people who live in the world today, around three hundred and fifty million people speak English.

It has become an international business language. In many countries of the world, English is used to govern. Relations between countries around the world are improved by effective communication in English. The language varies from one nation to another.

As we travel around the world, the English language becomes a lifeline to communicate with everyone. To communicate with business people from other countries, the English language becomes an effective tool. It is, so to speak, the commercial language of the world.

Deep knowledge of English makes a person a successful businessman around the world. Therefore it can be concluded that sound knowledge on English, add on personal development.

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