Essay On Discipline For Kids & Students Of Schools & Colleges

AN ESSAY ON DISCIPLINE: – Get here an essay o discipline for kids, children, workers, and students for schools and colleges. It can help in your class and office. Essay on discipline 300 words Discipline is always needed to obtain our goal. Without discipline, we can not learn. We cannot understand. We cannot develop. Discipline is needed everywhere, in the home, in school, in sports. The child who has not disciplined always gets the punishment. Discipline helps to remove our tiredness. It removes our weakness. It makes us strong. Discipline at school is most important. If there is no discipline …

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Essay on Nepal For Kids & Students Of Schools and Colleges

Essay on Nepal For Kids & Students Of Schools and Colleges: – My nation Nepal is encompassing by two nations. China lies in the east side and west, north and south are secured by India. It is in the northern side of the equator. It has three geological zones. Himalayan, Mountainous and Terai. We have a rainstorm atmosphere. It is extremely cold and dry in winter and sweltering, stormy and blustery in summer. It is wealthy in regular magnificence and assets. It has long and wide streams like Koshi, Gandaki, and Karnali. We have vast lakes like Rupa, Begnas, and …

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Essay on Pollution For Children & Students Of Schools & Colleges

smoke air pollution industry

Short Essay on Pollution 250 words Essay on Pollution: – The teacher said that every beautiful thing is after all polluted. Beautiful mountains have rubbish thrown. The beautiful flow of river and spring finally mingle with dust, rubbish, washing, cleaning, etc. Every happy, peaceful family is polluted by the corrupt character of a member. A delicious meal is destroyed by many cooks, or by unnecessary ingredients. A beautiful flower is crushed down under the foot. Every beautiful rose turns finally into rotten cabbage. Every tragedy is caused by pollution: germs of corruption. A state can be made “heaven” by ideally, …

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